Unity in the Eclipse Weekend


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Blessings Beloveds ~

I AM still in my retreat passage, honoring this sacred time when new timelines and intel on the year’s possibilities unfold. Quite a lot to share when I return January 20. Kindwhile, it is a blessing to be mostly offline and in service with the Gates.

This year is special for many reasons. I know many of you can see and sense WHY this is a passage for quiet time, rest, contemplation, resets, balance, and allowing the eclipse gateway to present the highest outcomes and choices for our journey.

This isn’t a moment for high activity. New creations won’t *land* until this passage is complete. So if you’ve been efforting since the New Year … pause and be present with what is unfolding.

Our mission as conduits right now is the becoming, the Embodiment; and that level of DNA activation requires plenty of self-care, rest, and the things we spoke of last year as preparation for this phase.

Gatekeepers are in service. The upcoming stargate opening has us connecting with Solaris (the SUN) and Great Central SUN at a new, very intimate level.

Now that we are here, in it, with the final step anchoring this weekend, a request is made for unified peaceful, positive intent.  The new light amplifies choices without veils; your core integrity, intention and alignment are revealed. You can shift to heart-based New Earth timelines; own that choice in the physical through thought, word, deed and sacred practice.

If Unity and Co-Creation of Peace are your intention, join in the global unifications this week.. That is how we align with – and assist Gaia in revealing – New Earth timelines (the New Earth Now method.)

Global Unifications for this powerful week ahead:

Friday, January 10:
Lunar Eclipse
peak at 11:10AM PST (UTC -8). Full Moon at 11:23AM PST.

SUNday January 12:
SUNday Unity Meditations
at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8).
Many groups participating this day, mark your calendars!

Monday, January 13:
New Cosmic stargates opening, completion of this Gate sequence
Kindwhile: keep it simple, do the good work, and allow the transformation.

Wishing you a transformational Gateway. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!.

In Love, Light and Service,

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–  Private Sessions begin again in February.
–  Crystalline Convergence 2020 is April 11 – 12 (Easter Weekend) in Sedona. Tickets available now, with Early bird discount thru January 31.
Classes, Sessions & Events at: https://sandrawalter.mykajabi.com/

Unity Meditation Details: https://sandrawalter.com/unity/

Embodiment Timeline Webinar Replay: Please share it with anyone who could benefit from this comprehensive mini-class.


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