Three Skills to Implement Now: Forgiveness, Clemency and Divine Neutrality

Blessings Beloveds ~

A message from last weekend’s transmutation Gatework on the mountain:

This is a level of expansion your heart has never felt, your mind has never considered, and your body has never experienced.

Personally, I AM feeling this strong shift in consciousness and heart center expansion. Brand new perspective and vision, partnered with overwhelming bliss, joy and compassion.

Three Key Mastery Skills to Revisit in this Now

This is an updated repost of a 2020 article on three key Mastery skills. A perfect moment to revisit these techniques for transforming our personal and collective realities.

We create balance by implementing these core Mastery skills as the dismantling accelerates.

1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness frees us from the illusion of old narratives, entanglement, fragmentation and entrapment in lower constructs.

We don’t need to approve of what has occurred in density, that is not our task. We release the illusion and its effects to higher authorities (God.)

Much of what was created in the illusion is dissolving. Remember the sequence of this phase is: Revelation, Resolution, Resurrection.

Practice forgiveness to resolve what is being revealed in your realities, and support resolution of the whole.

Have a private, you-and-Source, forgiveness ceremony. Speak your intentions aloud, feel the heart of Oneness, and get creative in your expression of forgiveness. Forgive and fully intend for highest outcomes for all concerned. Wish everyone well; it must be heart-based. Release all attachment to past, present or future outcomes.

As with emotional clearing, all focus is on your own experience, your own ability to implement positive use of life force. No fixing others, waiting for them to change after you have forgiven them, or expecting a cosmic reward for your forgiveness.

Forgiveness basics:

– No one needs to ask for your forgiveness in order for you to forgive them. It cannot be demanded from another.
– Forgiveness must be heart-based and authentic. Do the good work (emotional clearing), forgive, and move on to solution-based unity.
– Walking away from a relationship, situation or co-creation is not the same as forgiving.
– True forgiveness occurs in your own heart. No one needs to hear about your choice to forgive except you, your Higher Self and God.
– In most cases – especially during the division of realms – it is better to forgive, or dissolve contracts without the other person’s awareness. Use discernment. Share with the involved person only when complimentary.
– Forgiveness does not condone bad behavior. Your reaction to external actions or internal choices is your responsibility. Forgiveness severs the entanglement with negative polarities.
– Treat others as you desire to be treated. Often Oneness goes out the window when revelations present. Unity Consciousness requires all of us to neutralize in the moment from dualistic judgment, and negotiate a positive collective experience.
– The sooner you forgive, the sooner you Ascend. Why delay your Freedom, or collective Freedom?
– Learn to apologize. Seek to understand different perspectives. Many hearts melt in the presence of compassion. Open the window for personal and collective forgiveness.

The ability to forgive reveals heart coherence. Coherence accelerates the collective awakening. Learn to forgive, so you may share this skill when others are struggling to open their heart.

2. Clemency

Know that some key players, who may appear to be at fault for past or present actions, were granted clemency many years ago in exchange for playing a global role in the awakening, or assisting the alliances, or revealing information.

Any being, at any point on their journey, may choose to align with the positive light/Ascension timeline. All authentic heart-based requests are heard.

Grant clemency to all willing hearts desiring to assist the Ascension. Anyone who wants to step forward will be honored if they do the right thing – now. Send this forth as a Divine missive to all who feel trapped by bad decisions.

Apply this in your lifestream to boost your forgiveness skills. Give people who have changed a chance, and they shall do the same for you. We are all brand new each moment.

3. Divine Neutrality

Divine Neutrality allows us to be in any situation and not be swayed into taking sides, judgment, or entanglement with lesser agendas. We care, but we don’t carry.

You have heard the advice to be the calm in the storm; stay in the calm center, and your perspective will be clearer.

The center of your Heart torus contains the Source spark; the still point where clarity is felt. When we maintain alignment with the undistorted Love of the Divine Heart center, we make better decisions.

Divine Neutrality is not passive; it makes us much stronger conduits of true Unity Consciousness.

Full Divine Neutrality lesson from the Mastery Intensive course on YouTube HERE

Focus on these skills for a month

Try implementing Forgiveness for a month, and journal the shifts you experience.

Every time a decision, choice, word, action, thought or reaction presents, take a moment to align with the Heart. Then deliver the highest solution from that space. When your heat and consciousness are free, you might notice that much of the external chaos is no longer attached to your energy or attention.

We are learning to become the Presence, to be responsible Creator BEings in all realms. Resolving what was created in the illusion frees ALL willing hearts. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


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