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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

forgotten selfIt felt like an I AM message day. My affirmations tend to be more Quantum than material ~ and include everyone. For those on the fence about the use of I AM: It is a reference to the whole of Source, not an individual or concept of God as separate from anything else, so it is the same as saying We are. There is really no need to get hung up on pronouns, especially since the mission of service and unity are top priority.

The Great I AM for Newbies

The use of I AM as a phrase has great spiritual power behind it, because of collective and higher-realm use of it for thousands of years. The ethers will know what you are talking about when you say I AM, so there is one good reason to engage with it.

One recent example in this Universe is ELOHIM: The <IM> is Plural, representing a group of Creator Beings (Genesis 1:26 – Let US create man in OUR image). The phrase has even older roots than that; it was used in Sumerian texts and ancient teachings way before the Bible picked it up. The I AM Presence is a Source template for Creator-in-Form. The I AM template, also known as the Christ template, provides Self-Awareness potential; the opportunity to fully realize God in form.

I have hundreds of messages in I AM format since 2011 when they began. Sometimes I feel they speak more clearly than the articles (my twitter account has many of them). No judgment if the creation doesn’t resonate. If you prefer We are, then insert We are. I may skip the and so are you in future messages; that is there as the teaching bit and my twitter meme. The messages deliver revelations and unlock codes; meditate on what is being revealed in our journey.

Etheric encapsulation addresses that nothing is trapped nor lost in this experience into density. As the Christed state steps forth, the whole experience of duality seems like a blink of an eye; just gone. The great cosmic perspective of Now. It might also refer to the assumptions about quarantines of any kind; that too has dissolved since the activation of the Solar Grids. Things shift very quickly now. I feel the tribal betrayal undone line is especially potent. Let forgiveness do its cosmic reset on everything. Krysthl manifestation speaks to those having the Christed (Krysthl, Crystalline consciousness, same thing) breakthroughs over the last few weeks, which I feel will change everything very quickly.

In Love, Light and Service,

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