Solar Expansion: Hearts Up for July 23-29

Blessings Beloveds ~

Intensely active regions of Solaris are aligning with our Stargate passage, July 23-29. The SUN has been releasing massive amounts of material, reflecting the expansion of the Solar system’s entire field.

As with every stargate alignment, we are provided with Earth-facing opportunities to receive new energies, Ascension-encoded plasma, and realm-busting support.

Magnetic wobbles and Solar Expansion

Keep quantum awareness in heart, no matter what is happening in the physical. This is a Divine moment to tap into the Solar Expansion; the opening of realms which welcomes us back into the organic cosmic neighborhood.

Magnetic fluctuations are consistent and more intense, which can be tough on the body. Exhaustion, Emotional releases, and completion dynamics are widespread. Take excellent care of the physical as it releases the old self.

Clearing and packing? The narrative shifts are physicalizing.

If you have been simplifying and clearing your space again, as if you’re about to pack up and move, you are anchoring Freedom codes and completion energies!

Always look to the quantum unified expression; Preparing to move down here, clearing the way for new realities 12 realms up.

Even if you don’t physically relocate, the intention and codes are being light-grounded through your actions. Ready to go, ready to move, ready for a new expression. Be sure to clear the body, mind and emotions with the same enthusiasm.

Seeing the old fields dissolve

Massive containers for old paradigm control structures are literally breaking apart and returning to Source. Layer after layer of distortions are being removed from the collective consciousness fields. Hence the scramble to control narratives. Be sure those grasping agendas are not penetrating too deeply, dear hearts. A beautiful passage for Responsible Creation; no need to embody anything uncomplimentary to your pure intent.

Freedom of realms may reveal new geometries unrelated to the archetypal systems. New expressions of sacred templates like the Sri Yantra may present, which has been expanding for decades.

The new will appear as Gold (faster than light speed) or crystalline-plasma. Vibrant, pure, wide open. Crystalline DNA and Pure Heart Stargates will interpret the new light clearly; perception shifts are still a focus of this transformational year.

Crystalline Convergence Survey & Photo links closing

Deep gratitude for the magnificent feedback on our annual event. Participants, please note the survey is now closed, and the photo link for live attendees will close this weekend.

Use the replays for activation, especially the vibrant SUNday sessions. Visit the Crystalline Convergence page for replay access or to login.

Join us on SUNday July 25 for Global Meditations

Our collective consciousness is incredibly powerful when the Crystalline Stargate of the Heart is open, aligned, and actively participating in the Right Use of Life Force.

Practice makes perfect. Join our five-year-strong practice of organic, offline unification in the field of Divine Love. Global Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight time.

Distribute Freedom codes to all willing hearts. Get into the feeling state of Peace, and surge the collective with this Divine harmonic.

Full Moon Friday July 23 at 7:37pm PDT.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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