Revelation and the Reframing of Realities

Forgotten ScrollBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Thank you for your patience with my absence during the Gateway. Substantial shifts have occurred, the New Light level is dramatic, and it increases with each Divine breath. Beloveds, we have entered one of the most powerful passages in our transformation.

I AM sure many of you are on board and experiencing the great lifting of Souls already. There are many revelations to share over the next few weeks, including the new energy field alignments. My goodness what a remarkable experience, we are so blessed! For those experiencing difficulty, know that we are holding a huge space for you to step into. Lightservers, we have five months of intense focus upon us.

Revelation and the Reframing of Realities

As mysteries are unlocked during this passage of time, our realities are being completely recalibrated. Honor the personal revelations and synchronicities which present to you as all is aligned with the Higher Truth. As always; integrate quickly, do not dwell on the old as it leaves.

The New Levels of Light, which increase each moment now, may make it feel like your cells are blowing in every direction. The implosion/explosion of the activated Solar Heart Center will do this, and it in turn activates the crystalline structures you have been working on all of these years. Hence the sensations of expansion, expansion, expansion. Be sure to take care of the body and mind as they are altered to meet the demands of the New Light Levels. Use the Creator Breath, align and expand. Forerunners will need to keep ahead of the frequency during 2015. Re-read the earlier guidance if you are feeling unclear on what is unfolding.

The Intersecting Dimensions: Magnetic Anomalies

Huge jumps in the magnetic aspect of the Shift took place during the Equinox – Blood Moon Gateway. Remember the personal, planetary, and collective veils are directly related to magnetics. Many of you may be dazzled by, or concerned about, the visible activity of the higher realms around you at the moment. There is a lot of movement in the astral/4D as the magnetics adjust. Entities, programs and collective constructs which were trapped in that realm are being released in a stronger, more vivid way. The removal during the last Gate was a bit ruthless; anticipate that showing up in the collective reality soon.

One of the goals of Light Service is to ensure that the collective does not wake up in a nightmare, hence the consistent clearing and transmutation of the past. Now that a core magnetic shift has occurred, that work runs on auto-pilot. You may support collective clearing if that is your role, however that kind of work will distract you from bringing in the Cosmic Christ if you are involved in Gatework this year. You do not have to engage with low 4D at all; the mass exodus is not judgment, it is merely a side-effect of the new light. As mentioned before; you will have to look beyond that activity when communing with 5D and above. It is what it is, don’t focus on it.

Even though there are seemingly thin veils at the moment – personal, collective, and planetary – know there is much more to come. As expressions of your reality – lower and higher vibrational fields/dimensions – merge during the Shift, your self-imposed veils reveal layers of energies, truths, beliefs, and collective coping mechanisms for dealing with density.

Understand that a full exposure to the realities without veils would overload your body, mind and emotions. The old light magnetics of Gaia allowed for illusion, or veils, to be placed between dimensional expressions. This is why there is a gradual lifting, now rapidly increasing due to planetary adjustments to the photonic light influx. Collective agreements are dissolved by those willing to do the work, which energetically allows collective veils to be removed. Practice, focus, practice. The awakened and Ascending collective has tremendous power. Please use it wisely. This is an era of Responsible Creation.

The Multidimensional Merge: Five Months of Focus

For those experiencing a deeper understanding of the merge sequences, understand this is your focus all the way through the last Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway of September. It is only five months of linear time. Enjoy and explore each moment in this heightened state of welcoming the brand new experience forth.

Some are able to hold 5D – 6D consistently; a conscious, fluid, lucid state of the merge. Some are capable of 5D – 12D on demand, for minutes or hours at a time, which is truly beautiful. If this kind of merge, in service to the Ascension, is your goal then practice, practice, practice. It will not be a grounded 3D/4D do-ing five months for you; it will be all about service to the New Light.

If you are feeling you are already holding 5D – 12D consistently, take a step back and feel into what we are revealing here. The merge we refer to is the true Christed state; the Solar Cosmic state. Allowing this forth entails a rewriting of your consciousness. In brief, none of us has been our complete true Self to this point. Zero Point resets require fresh starts each moment (Creator Breath), and practice, practice, practice. It is powerful and well-supported as the frequency allows for this evolutionary step. New energy systems have presented, and alignment creates flow, evolution, and true crystalline consciousness to emerge.

Scramble, then Anchor

You will notice the implosion/explosion reflected in your Tribes and interactions. This rearranging phase, a side-effect of the last Gateway, scrambles relationships, locations, alliances, and the mind-level. It will stabilize by end of May, however a few cosmic trigger points over the next few weeks will ensure folks are where they need to be, in the role they need to play (if welcomed fourth, of course), for the anchoring of the last Equinox-Blood Moon. Note that fear-based choices will get blasted more intensely than before. Stay true to your heart, path and Higher Self.

The levels of consciousness you welcome forth are foundational to the Ascension. This may provide some perspective on where you are going. The deep profound experiences and understandings, the revelations that many of you have experienced during this particular gateway are a base-level for Gaia’s new experience and the ascended HUman experience. A starting point, a birth, a platform for the New. We build the new platform for the new experience.

This is a grand embodiment of Pure Source, Prime Creator in a new form. It takes Self-realization; the true Ascension goal. Remember the Masters, Star family, Guides and Brotherhoods of Light are not our Commanders, they are our co-workers. At a Higher level, they are us. A concept that sounds cliche because it has been said so often, however the multidimensional truth of that is now revealed. We also understand the service, patience, and heightened creative state of it, and the responsibility therein.

Much more to come, Beloveds. Incoming energy flows are expected April 15 -17 and April 23-26. I AM guided to share an excerpt from the Ascension Path material soon, to assist in aligning with the New Light levels. Feel free to join us for the full class experience anytime.

In Love, Light and Service,

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