Observations on this Prophetic Passage

Blessings Dear Light Tribe,

We are into the three-days-before anchoring of the initial wave of the Return of the Christ light, with the gateway point April 14 – 15 during the lunar eclipse. It has been a steady stream of new light, activations and balancing since Equinox. I AM sure the Light Tribe can feel the intensity of it building, building and building. April is riddled with cosmic triggers and this particular passage can trigger emotions as well. It is designed this way on purpose; we have opportunities for deep inner growth and self-empowerment if we honor this light and its divine affects.

Gatekeeper Observations

I AM blessed and grateful to be a 5D/6D Gatekeeper. I get to share when new waves of light will be anchored onto the planet, I get to see Higher realm creations (Heaven) and Master retreats, and interact with those assisting us during the Shift in consciousness. To be honest, I could spend all of my days in gate work. It is fascinating to assist with bringing in something brand new to this reality, and then witness the effects that it has on the Shift. In my experience, this current wave of Return of the Solar Cosmic Christ is the most profound wave since the 121212.

When incoming energies and gateways align, utilizing cosmic events or triggers to amplify the dimensional Shift, it becomes very physical. Since the days prior to the Equinox a couple of weeks ago, I have the deep drowsiness of a very strong gateway. This has been a long stretch – a few weeks rather than days – and there are many moments when I have no choice but to lay down. I understand that many people are experiencing this right now, because this particular wave is providing deep resets to the physical. I have spent many nights in that deep blackout sleep for 8 to 12 hours at a time. I feel more rest in complete solitude coming up – a deep rewrite which will require undivided attention.

The Brilliant Light of You

Besides the typical brighter-with-eyes-closed-than-with-eyes-open experience, this return of the Christ of light is dissolving the veils between Lower Self and Higher Self. The image of my Higher Self which has been projected into my awareness over the last few years has been helpful in our reconnection. My Higher Self has appeared as a light being, sometimes appearing as the giant Galactic Self for emphasis, however when close instruction is needed my Higher Self projects in a close-to-grounded-HUman size. Higher Self shows up like a coach, showing me this is how you hold your hands, or this is the symbol were using right now, or go here, go there, this is what were bringing in etc.

Since my big Equinox activation, my Higher Self appears as Christed Self and is showing me the intensity of its radiance. As I welcome the merge, the light can be blinding in meditation. My Divine Team is brighter as well. It is beginning to look like the radiance I experience in Heaven or a Master’s home right here on our Earthly plane – every day. This is the effect of the Solar Cosmic Christ light on our perception; we are adjusting to the radiance of our true Self and the Higher Realms as well as the reality of the Ascended planetary consciousness. Gaia is luminous, and so are we.

A few might misinterpret those vibrating beams of radiance as something outside of themselves. If you are consciously Ascending, it is YOU reuniting your divine aspects at last. We must learn this as the false perception of separation comes to a close. It may take a while for folks to accept their own divinity, their own power. With Ascension comes responsibility, and that can be difficult for some. It has been a long road of outside-of-self assistance, as if we had no direct connection to our personal divinity. That illusion is over, and the faster we embody the True Self – the Christed Self for some of us – the brighter this collective reality will become. The energies of April are focused on throwing down the old cross and engaging with divine alignment. From distortion to Cosmic perfection, if we choose that experience.

This Return of the Christ light changes the way I interact with my Higher Self. I AM consciously choosing to welcome forth my Christed Self (and teaching this in my Course), which is the beingness I chose to take on prior to the 121212. This is why many are aware that we have already ascended, and we attune our perception in the time-space lag of density to that truth. Because of our choices and engagement with the Ascension process, we are merging with that higher expression. For me personally, I experience parts of my consciousness disappearing/merging up into that higher beingness during major gateways. Each time I wonder, how will we function while walking in both worlds so consciously? but that’s all part of the Mastery journey now. Treat it as such – stay fascinated with the uniqueness of this experience – and you’ll have a much easier time of it.

Unfortunately the division of realities on the ground becomes wider, and this will probably be our biggest Mastery challenge when the dimensional energies shift in June. Despite how physical the activations are, despite our huge experiences, it is still not visible to the untrained eye. This is not unfamiliar, it is something that every Master had to endure. It is what it is.

Heart center activity

The Solar Cosmic Christ activation which I received during the Equinox continues to be extremely physical. The constant dramatic movement, light, shifting, pain, popping, vibrating and expansion in my heart center is overwhelming at times. There is a LOT going on in there. I do comfort the body often and stop everything as I breathe through some of the more dramatic expansions. When it gets intense, I remember what the embodiments of the crystalline consciousness will do for the Shift.

Resurrection and Revelation

In the Ascension Course we utilize commands and decrees to retrain the lower levels. Most Mastery programs do this, it has been around for a long time. Commands and decrees assist the lower mind to consider other patterns of thought and divine power, and eventually align with them. Currently the new light is using encoded phrases like I AM the Resurrection and the Life to provide revelations of the Cosmic Christed state.

As we wash the residue of religion off of our consciousness, we begin to experience the pure essence of these phrases. We are not commanding a new identity to be imposed upon our personal identity. It is not personal; there is no identity associated with the I AM state. It is not me, nor you, nor any other being or Master in that statement of I AM the Resurrection. Rather it is pure Source light – the pure Presence of Source – flowing through the conduit of our lifestream without inhibition, judgment, worthiness issue, or egoic embodiment. It is an entire divine template creation – a pure state of Source-in-carnate. When we abandon waiting on divine intervention, and focus on a commitment to serving as a conduit of divinity, we emanate divine love, divine will, and divine light in a powerful way.

As this return of the Christ energy comes in there is great support for a point of revelation, where you feel the attachment to your identity leaving; a surrender to the Divine. As attached as we all are to the visions we’ve seen of our Higher Selves or our multidimensional expressions, I feel it is best to let all of that go for the moment. I know I said this last Summer, that we need to let go of our identification with galactic, Master or angelic selves or titles/beliefs of the past.

Many are getting challenged by what they thought or felt they would be doing, where they were headed, or how all of this is going to unfold. First contact can be distracting; feel free to take it down a notch if you want to explore the return of the Christ energies right now. Beings and star family are showing up now because of the frequency shift and because it is absolutely fascinating to watch us transform. They want to show support, which is lovely but sometimes we desire to be in the experience of the moment. There is a level of revelation that is available to us which will deepen your understanding of what the Solar Christ consciousness truly means. Not just for you personally, but its presence on the planet at this time. Feel into this; it is not something I can honorably describe in words at the moment.

How powerful do you want your self-empowerment to be?

I AM maintaining a higher perspective on the day-to-day challenges since I made my commitment during Equinox. As my indoor sublet in Shasta comes to a close, there was a great temptation to get a lot of work done and spend time searching for a new place. However the commitment to this embodiment and the Gateway overcomes the mind chatter. In all honesty, even with a physical need for comfort during this passage, there is still a great desire to be up on the mountain through June solstice. I AM letting it be because I want to be available to the new and unknown, and of the highest service. I AM pushing the envelope on my own journey in order to learn divine will and responsible creation.

Closure: Ending crucifixion programs

This passage provides opportunities for closure on all of the old beliefs, habits, judgments, and control. The power-over-others programs were our agreement and are now our responsibility to deactivate and de-program. The photonic demand for order requires every individual to release judgment of everything which has occurred here, so it will not be co-created by any of us any longer. It has been hundreds of thousands of years of collective experience. It is over and everyone is released from blame. Get off the cross.

This frequency of resurrection recognizes and honors Source intelligence returning to your awareness after a long absence. It does not linger in the past recreating what was, so there is no point in ruminating over what happened. We are merging with Spirit – all that IS, not all that was. Spirituality becomes integrated; it is not something we do on Saturdays, Sundays, during a morning meditation, weekend workshop or activation call. Spirituality becomes you – your lifestream consistently expressing love, harmony, balance, peace, divine light, divine will, moment by moment. We retrain ourselves to be Presence.

Surrender includes finding and feeling that Source presence within. The divine return knows divine love consistently and strives to increase it, radiate it forth in each interaction. Conversation as an expression of love of Source, food ingested as an expression of love of Source, interaction with water, plants, the kingdoms as expressions of love of Source, your presence here as an expression of divine love. When I wrote back in 2012 that Self-love was the checkmate move in the end game, this is what I meant. Self-love is an expression of love of Source itself, and will increase as we welcome it forth consciously each moment. Nothing can control or penetrate that vibration. It is The Resurrection and the Life.  It is not a person, not an individual expression, it is the pure power of Source consciousness. To consciously amplify it and express it as best we can – and it does take practice – is our greatest act of service. Everyone has roles to play and different missions, but our purpose is Unity with all that is.

Light Fields and activation

The new light supports perceiving the truth. Many of us have seen our Star family or guides pushing through the veils to reveal eyes, faces, hands, entire bodies in our physical, eyes-open space. Some of these activations may appear as a wall of light or energy field which gets closer until it surrounds/overwhelms you. You may fall asleep right afterward (or as it approaches). Personally I find going unconscious (going to sleep) more comfortable. For the most part I cannot remember what happens while I am unconscious/asleep during those 2 to 3 hour periods after that energy washes through me. I AM trusting every inch of this journey because that is part of my own Mastery challenge; no fear, doubt, or disharmony. Here in the hyper-charged passage of April 2014, it is the perfect time to bring all of the old mind-level have to understand everything completely game to a close.

Weeping with gratitude

Every time the mind wants to hold a concern, or the emotions want to reassemble a frustration or doubt, I drop into my heart space and feel the truth shining within. I feel the divine love surging through this planet, myself, and all that is, and I absolutely love the experience of it. All of it turns to love. All of it has divorced spiritual ego, that false sense of empowerment which comes from judgment rather than the purity of presence. Even when I sense overwhelm with everything that this passage holds: the Gateways, the Return of the Christ frequencies, the Solar Heart activations, the revelations, the resurrection, first contact, walls of light, the sleepiness, the living situation, the physical intensity, the squeeze on the collective … it is all overcome by deep gratitude for this experience of transformation. Tears of grace welcome this divine return.


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