Dynamics of the Cosmic Christ Return

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Can you feel the freedom, the expansion, the LIGHTness of being here as the Solar Cosmic Christ returns? This light wave will be fully anchored by the eclipse on April 14th/15th.

April holds challenging energies; an opportunity for divine Mastery indeed. The great Cosmic Christ Light pouring in since the Equinox amplifies our experiences and our Ascension process. It not only activates Heart centers for Christed states of consciousness, it activates a long-awaited prophesy of our Divine HUman birthright.

Experiences of elevation and disharmony are both amplified. Let us remember that the volume is being turned up on disharmony in order to create peace. Prepared hearts feel their Christ returning, while fearful hearts may clutch at the familiar as it crumbles beneath them. It is the light frequency itself which creates the separation of love and war, peace and violence, harmony and disharmony. We begin the passage of the great sorting-out of personal choices, a stronger experience of self-judgment day.

Embodying the Solar Cosmic Christ

In the past, our planet could not hold more than a few embodiments resonating at the Christed state. Celebrate that we are entering the era of many embodiments, leading to an entire planet of Christed beings! Feel the prophesy coming into our reality at last.

You may choose to embody this light if prepared to do so. It is available for you to receive. It is MAGNIFICENT. As more HUmans embody this light, choosing the higher path of Ascension and a higher state of consciousness, the entire collective is affected. It will have a tremendous affect on the evolution of consciousness, accelerating the planetary shift and the collective vibration.

This light holds a pure photonic form, so the demand for order, peace and harmony hits systems as well as individuals. When the volume is turned up, when the light reveals everything which does not belong in an Golden Age, we see what must be surrendered. Foundational structures we have built for ourselves in the old way suddenly dissolve. Let it be, let things crumble a bit. It is part of your Mastery journey to have faith in your own Self-as-Source power through this passage.

Stabilizing Earth templates

Many have asked about stabilization of Earth plates to prevent further Earthquake activity. I keep receiving Let it be. In the past we were balancing old timelines and imposed grids of negativity; we are not dealing with that any longer. Our off-world brethren, Master realm, Gridworkers and Gatekeepers are balancing the influx of Cosmic Christ activation light with Gaia’s magnetic systems. Those in vortex or Sacred site areas may notice the elevator effect; great lifting sensations one day, and pulling into the ground the next. Notice the threads of light looping through the grids during this passage.

The planetary detox is well underway. Magnetics are shifting to accommodate the new light, and stability becomes difficult.  We cannot prevent Shifts which must occur both globally and personally. Remain in your hearts to stabilize, rather than imposing personal will over Divine Will. Send Divine Love to all for balance and stability whenever you can, and be sure to reinforce that within yourself.

Activation comes in a relaxed state

Surrender the stress. It is a month for simplicity and releasing what does not align with where evolution is taking us. Stress can come from trying to fit the old paradigm into a new paradigm. Take a look at why you cling to things, ideas, beliefs or habits. Throw out old blueprints and agendas.  Bridges from the old to new may serve as we step to a new beingness, as long as we keep moving forward. Bridges are for crossing, not lingering. They are not permanent structures, and we cannot serve two Masters.

Putting down the Cross so we may embody the Truth

We are not carrying anyone else’s journey, nor are we carrying the burden of our own. That includes the journey of the planet and the Shift itself. We assist as needed, while casting off all martyrdom and savior programs. Throw down the burden of the distorted old cross. Do you see the cosmic symbols playing out here? Equinox light codes showed us every version of the ancient symbol of the balanced solar cross; symbols that have been in our history for hundreds of thousands of years. We drop all distorted crucifixion dynamics (and those symbols) at the same time we have the return of the true Christ activating, followed by a Grand, balanced cross in our planetary chart. It is showing us the revelation of truth in a direct way.

Please release all agreements and entanglements with drama – they do not serve the embodiment of your divine birthright. The zero point mirror is very close now. It may be difficult for some who have followed rather than self-empowered to watch others embody these new levels of light. All is well, and you personal free will choices are always honored – and amplified on your behalf.

When things become challenging, remember you are larger than all of this. Hands on the heart center – tell yourself I Love You. Feel it, know it. When things crumble which do not serve your journey any longer, surrender in your Mastery and affirm:

I AM larger than the external illusion.
I AM larger than the experience of Lower Self.
I AM larger than circumstances or temporary challenges.
I AM larger than the Shift itself.
I AM Divine Love. I AM Divine Light.  I AM Divine Will.
So be it.

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