November: Strong Cosmic Influxes, 11.11, Eclipses and Choice Points

Blessings Beloveds ~

The anticipated acceleration of Cosmic influxes, Solar activity and intensification of energies is here. An intense November-December passage is upon us. Let us use this wisely.

Solaris is active, magnetics are fluctuating again, and our bodies, minds and emotional fields are feeling the direction to expand.  Expansion is aimed at the Heart (Solar), nervous system, DNA, and the Crystalline Lightbody during this passage.

Expansion energies manifest as:
– Anxiety
– Heart flutters
– Creative GO windows
– Exhaustion
– Vertigo or dizziness
– Deep bliss states, Zero point activations
– Veil-lifting: Guidance, visitation and support is clear, direct and present
– Choice-Points for full engagement with creativity and Aquarian dynamics
– Shifts in Perception: Acceleration of Divine Truth
Clarity on what stays and what goes in your chosen reality
– Rapid Self-Revelation, mystical-style contact
Solar flash experiences (transcendence activations) amplified
– Crystalline Lightbody and Heart Center sudden expansion sensations

Massive waves of Light Expected

We are being prepared for next-level New. Hydrate; Solar intensity is increasing. This is a perfect moment to cleanse, clear, detoxify and be in prime condition to receive and facilitate these waves of cosmic plasma. Before the Eclipses begin.

November and December prepare Solaris, Gaia and the collective for a powerful 2022.

Personally, I AM excited for the consistent shifts and amplified cosmic energies of next year. Let us focus on the Now energies which reveal how this will unfold for our Ascension.

November 2-9: Stargates open and active. Solar, geomagnetic, Schumann spikes.

Thursday November 11th: The 11.11 Gateway
11AM Unity Wave – Unified Global Focus on amplifying peace, unity and New Earth Now. Gather when and where you can. Meditate for 30 minutes in your own 11AM -11:30AM time zone. Infuse these realms with the highest frequency of Divine LoveLight.  Group Meditation in Sedona at Yavapi Vista. Details HERE.

November 17 – 21: Eclipse Gateways Open.

Friday November 19: Lunar Eclipse 1AM PST

Saturday November 27: Mid-Eclipse Activation Webinar. Our last webinar of the year, focused on preparing for 2022 and higher guidance for the intensification.

December is another CONSISTENT month of Cosmic activity. Stargates will be active all month long.

Saturday December 4: Solar Eclipse 12:30AM PST

SUNday December 12: The 12.12 Gateway. SUNday Unity Meditations, Global ceremony.

Tuesday December 21: Solstice at 7:58AM PST

Zero Point Energies Shifting Realities

Influxes are encoded with Source frequency, the pure photonic particles which shake apart density, distortion and duality. Magnetic fields fluctuate, ending the illusion of separation. This photonic bombardment demands Divine order; proper use of life force.

It’s a chaotic yet powerful acceleration. The collective is rapidly learning the power of Unity. Powerful conversations, revelations and realizations are happening. Remember this is what we are here for; to facilitate the New Earth transformation. Show the way of Divine Neutrality, Peace, and Unity Consciousness. To Love, not to judge.

Remember the sleight-of-hand occurring during this phase; collective experiences look like one thing, then the narrative flips. Stay focused on expansion and Responsible Creation.

These frequencies read our Divine DNA like a quantum archive. This wisdom knows what our highest trajectory and heart choices are. Revelation of this higher path requires change during this passage; dismantling of the old can get intense. Have faith, stay centered on co-creating the New.

We are in a phase of consistent waves, solar flashes, and stargate flows to support an experience. Be sure to unplug from the scramble of narratives often; it literally interferes with your coherence, which affects your DNA’s ability to do something new, which affects your external reality.

Focus on the Freedom codes; Put your hands on the ground, connect with Gaia, and say the word Freedom as you radiate LoveLight to all of Creation.

SUNday Unity Meditations: Clocks go back in the USA

Clocks go back an hour in the USA on SUNday, November 7. Our meditations are anchored in Mount Shasta, the Pacific Time Zone, so our global synchronization times will shift.

Adjust as needed! Use SUNday November 7 th (5AM, 8AM or 11AM) and Los Angeles (PST) to calculate and convert to your time zone:

This is a profound moment for physicalizing higher choices, and unifying in peaceful meditation. Our quantum, telepathic connections are amplified with these waves of plasma; be sure to participate in the Global Unity Meditations to assist in co-creating the highest experience for all concerned. Blessed are the Peacemakers, dear hearts. All are needed in thought, feeling, word and action.

Send Love and Golden-Diamond light to all of HUmanity as often as possible.

In Love, Light and Service,

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