Eclipse Season Begins

Blessings Beloveds ~

The transformative Eclipse-Solstice passage begins this week. A lengthy lunar eclipse occurs Friday November 19 with the peak eclipse at 12:57AM Pacific Standard Time.

We have been in the pull of this Sacred Gateway for nearly two weeks already. Now that the eclipses are upon us, the need for focus and recalibration becomes essential.

Get quiet to hear and feel the new experience. It may feel surreal for many weeks.

This passage may require stepping away from online activities. More time in nature, listening to the heart of Gaia and the whispers of the cosmos.

Heed the guidance to clear and detox the body, mind, emotions, home, relationships, and schedule. Create space for this. Our DNA is awakening to a new experience through this Sacred passage. Get offline as much as possible, to experience the organic shift of consciousness happening in this Now.

Resources for Eclipse Season

This month’s article with details on this Eclipse season and how to prepare HERE

Saturday November 27:  Our last webinar of the year, focused on preparing for 2022 and higher guidance for the intensification. Details and registration HERE.

Shifting magnetics are releasing time dynamics. This affects the DNA and emotional constructs; remember the Sacred Heart is Infinite. Trust your heart to feel what is departing from your reality, and what supports the next phase of your journey.

Send LoveLight to the collective, they are going through SO much in this Now. Radiate Love and Golden-Diamond light to all of HUmanity as often as possible.

See you in the field during the Eclipse and on SUNday for our Global Unity Meditations.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


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