May: Consistency and Freedom

Blessings Beloveds ~

A brief update as the Consistent message from last week steps forth. The transformation of Gaia’s crystalline core is unfolding in this Now. These are consciousness-shifting, realm-revealing frequencies.

Light levels are rising every day, strong amplifications reflected in the Schumann charts. (Photo above of May 1, 2 & 3 resonance flows). Some of these frequencies are aimed at magnetics and time constructs. This assists in utilizing the Now state of BEingness.

From last week:

We enter a unique phase in May.  My gatekeeper journal has a unique entry for next month. Rather than dates it says just one word:  Consistent.


While science has noted the recent intensity of cosmic forces as *unusual*, the light-codes and plasma reveal shifts to unity consciousness.  This is a new level of the Freedom codes. And Freedom codes disrupt and dismantle that which does not serve Quantum Divine Will; highest interests of the collective.


Freedom codes reveal the Cosmic Christ principle, the unified Crystalline path of expression. More ease, manifestation of highest alignment, and the new Crystalline lifestyle emerging. I feel this state of beingness is part of the *Consistent* message for May. All. Things. Crystalline. We hold a calm zero point consistently; the Ascension experience in this Now.

Attune to your highest intent and hold the frequency of Freedom in thought, word, action, and creation across the realms!

In Love, Light and Service,



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