Crystalline Lifestyle: Embodying the Path

Blessings Beloveds ~

It was a strong April Gate passage. Record Cosmic Rays. Flares. Geomagnetic storms. Quakes. Intense Schumann waves. These new crystalline plasma influxes adjusted our trajectories.

We enter a unique phase in May.  My gatekeeper journal has a unique entry for next month. Rather than dates it says just one word:  Consistent.

While science has noted the recent intensity of cosmic forces as *unusual*, the light-codes and plasma reveal shifts to unity consciousness.  This is a new level of the Freedom codes. And Freedom codes disrupt and dismantle that which does not serve Quantum Divine Will; highest interests of the collective.

Freedom codes reveal the Cosmic Christ principle, the unified Crystalline path of expression. More ease, manifestation of highest alignment, and the new Crystalline lifestyle emerging. I feel this state of beingness is part of the *Consistent* message for May. All. Things. Crystalline. We hold a calm zero point consistently; the Ascension experience in this Now.

Even while working on the Crystalline Convergence, I notice the effect across the realms. A small task asks for more crystalline consideration; how can it reflect what is happening with the higher levels, the cosmic levels? Every step of event planning attunes to the multidimensional. What does our gathering look and feel like upstairs in the higher reflection? What is most needed, effective, heart-opening? How can every moment express more of the crystalline New Earth Now?

This broader perspective, the unified perspective, is a gift in this Now. When you apply it to everything – cleaning the house, the morning walk, challenging tasks – the larger operation is revealed. For the moment, practice opening perspective with every creation. Remember your impact across the realms. Feel how a simple gesture, word or activity shifts the unified field. this is responsible creation blooming within our lives.

Ascension has always made us more aware of our thoughts, feeling and activities. Now we harvest the fruit of those practices, and take it further. Consistent unified perspective. As always, it is a process. Practice builds spiritual power.

Take a look at the how and why of your daily flow. These new frequencies are stimulating a cosmic memory of the crystalline process: the awareness of the Cosmic Christ. The illusion dismantles, and we see, feel, sense the Self as fractal: doing something in these realms, reflected in all expressions of self across the multidimensional landscape.

50 days to the Crystalline Convergence

I can feel Solstice and the Convergence already; the energy after the eclipses of May and early June. Legions of Light are gathering, a higher reflection of our physical gathering. How glow-ray-us to celebrate with the collective in person.

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SUNday Unity Meditations

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Infinite LoveLight to all during this profound passage.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.