Lessons from Six Years of Global Unity Meditations

We celebrate six years of global SUNday Unity Meditations this weekend.

This simple practice of weekly synchronized meditations has provided some powerful lessons for service and Unity Consciousness itself.

If you are new to this: We meditate together during three 30-minute sessions every SUNday at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Time. Anyone may participate, in their own style, holding the intention of peace, harmony, balance, and Ascension.

The guidance in 2016 was direct

The original guidance for our meditations requested that we do these offline. No digital technology, no online guided sessions. The intentions:

– Learn how to connect through the organic technology of the body and Unified Field.
– Learn how to feel, amplify and use these emerging Crystalline Fields of Gaia (the New Earth realms).
– Create unified awareness for when we cannot get together in person (now evident what they meant by that) or for when digital technology fails.

Even with the current push to balance the digital with the organic, our meditations still happen offline. No tracking of quantity, just let the qualities of Unity unfold.

Lessons from the SUNday Unity Meditations

1. Consistency builds Spiritual Power

Consistency builds the clarity and brilliance of Divine Love in the fields, and in our Hearts.

Weekly unified practice of pure intention and proper use of life force makes it easier to apply these qualities in our daily lives. Regardless of what is happening in the external, the internal Light shines with Divine Truth.

It has been six years of rapid change. Many events happen in 312 weeks. Some very positive, some challenging. We remain focused on highest outcomes during the division of realities. Consistent reinforcement of highest outcomes, as One.

Sudden calls for Global assistance may be calmed with focused, Divinely Neutral Hearts. However, if we only respond when challenging events present, we reinforce the old problem-reaction-solution program. (Note: Apply this to your personal journey as well.)

Practice allows for coherence to take over. Collective coherence changes realities. It also changes your experience of the dismantling and division of realms. Unity has amplified this a thousandfold in my own journey. Consistent amplification of Divinity, regardless of what our process, moods, or the external is presenting. We are spiritually stronger, and better co-creators, when we practice.

The stronger the consistent vibration of LoveLight Intelligence, the faster all distortions resolve. The acceleration is ON.

2. Synchronized Hearts Create Healing

The synchronized times are like training wheels for feeling our natural connection. We can feel everyone connecting to the field right before the sessions begin. This is good practice for the heart center; to be able to feel others in service.

This etheric unity is like a heart-call each week; checking in on each other, supporting through Light and frequency.

Synchronized Hearts have healing power. Experiences of heart expansion, Golden-Diamond Light, DNA activation, perception shifts, healing, Lightbody amplification, and sensations of intense coherence and compassion.

After years of intense activations, this unified re-entry to multidimensional awareness flows with a gentle naturalness.

We unify across the realms. Masters, Star Families, and the I AM Presence provide support. Source, Guides, and Higher aspects all flow into Oneness. This provides multi-realm, multi-layered support for Ascension which we can feel and experience together.

3. Experiences and Visions are stronger in Unity

This has been happening since we began. Many participants see each other, experience the same activations, see the same visions, or hear the same messages during the meditations. Friends visit each other in the field. Gate and Gridkeepers share activations. It arises naturally, effortlessly, when tapping into Zero point together. Unified skills, stronger as One.

There is also a deep communion with Gaia and her emerging new realms in these meditations. Zero Point truly responds to the vibration of the unified Presence. We practice this with the collective, then radiate it naturally through the Crystalline Heart and Lightbody.

4. Set the Table, Open the Door

Everyone has their unique method for meditation. Some remain in silent meditation, tapping deep into Zero point. Some utilize toning, light language, decrees or sound tools to infuse these realms with Ascension frequencies.

Some are more comfortable with guided meditations. The Christ Light Activation meditation, which many use for their practice, has over 355,000 views on YouTube.

The global Ascension process goes through many phases. People come and go, rise and fall, and rise again. Challenges and energies have softened hearts through the years. Control structures dismantle within and without, unity returns. Ascension.

Mastery guides us with Cosmic Perspective on global service:
Set the Table, Open the Door. Let the Light do the rest.

5. Hold the Crystalline Field

Weekly practice taught us how to hold the Crystalline Field in Zero Point as One.

An important lesson for anyone on the path: Learn to hold the Crystalline/Kryst/Unity state with unwavering faith, and your Heart will become a conduit for the Presence in these realms. Do it together, and we level up quickly.

Masters create etheric retreats in this way. Coherent Hearts, with a unified focus and clear intent, create fields (bandwidths of pure frequency) for an experience. We practice this at the Crystalline Convergence, and it is quite palpable.

Within this co-created field, we experience a stronger reflection of the Divine within. As with any vortex or Gateway, whatever needs to be released, healed or activated may present.

I AM noticing how effortlessly the collective can hold the Higher Light with clarity, integrity, compassion, unconditional Love and Divine Neutrality. And yes, it does feel like lower vibrational realities have little effect, or drop away. Such is the nature of Ascension.

How long will we continue global meditations?

As the dismantling accelerates, so does the building of realities based on peace, compassion and highest interests of all.

So many have been holding this vibration across the realms, and in many incarnations, since the idea of Ascension was first birthed from the Heart of Source.

The Cosmic perspective answers the linear question of how long: Until we are complete.

Peace Within, Peace Without.

There is great comfort in heart-based collaboration and reliable support. I AM honored to set the Crystalline table each week for all willing hearts.

Deep appreciation and gratitude for all who add their light, pure intention and focus during the SUNday Unity Meditations. See you in the Field!

In Love, Light and Service,

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