Honoring the Divine Birth

121212 Gatekeeper Experience

The Key and Galactic Codes, Crystalline Consciousness Templates and 12 strand DNA activation codes were effectively received on the 121212 by many Gatekeepers and Lightservers. Hooray for HUmanity and those dedicated to serving the collective in the small hours of the morning. My experience was both profound and bizarre; these golden-crystalline light streams had unique frequencies which put me in a suspended state between divine grace and going completely unconscious from the afternoon the day before until 4pm on the 121212. For a few days I had exhaustion and detoxing accompanied by deep states of Christed Consciousness. Three days later the codes were delivered to the Crystalline Grid, and they now accompany Gaia on her Ascension.

At midnight on the 121212, in the freezing night air of Mount Shasta, I sat inside the portal I created for this event and began to receive the Illumination frequencies. Gaia started to send me that 5D/6D vibration that is so uniquely hers – the unmistakable feel of our beloved planet. I closed my eyes to feel her embrace, then experienced the codes coming in and her Ascension – a weave of cosmic trigger and respect for the transformation taking place.

Gaia asked me to open my eyes and see the truth. When I did, the woods around me became still; it was the energy signature of a place I have visited many times; the New Earth, her 5D expression. It was right there, seamlessly present all around me. Gaia then whispered, You are going with me. This touched me deeply, because my pure intent is to serve her Ascension. She is an amazing being taking on a brilliant creative transformation, and to accompany her on this journey fills me with joy, grace and pure love.

From the heart of service work, it does not matter if I *stay* in 4D or *go* to her 5D state, or walk between. I feel so blessed by the experience of my 798 incarnations here. They dissolve into a mutidimensional blip of when I was on Gaia and I AM grateful for the compassionate detachment which Ascension brings. As always, the experience of transformation – the Ascension of one’s consciousness – is a personal choice.

I will always volunteer to try the new, open doors and tell people what is beyond the barriers. Wayshowing has become a lifestyle for me, and there is nothing more exciting than letting go of the fears, beliefs and illusions in order to demonstrate our true nature. Not everyone has to give up their job, home, stability or attachment to social/cultural/political structures in order to serve their Higher Intention. Our experiences are very different as we choose timelines and create our paths from the power of Unity Consciousness. I AM here to show that those things have nothing to do with who we truly are or are becoming during the Shift.

121212 Side Effects

A few side effects for those who took on encodements during the 121212:

  • Heart center adjustments – sudden & strong expansion
  • Birth of the Inner Sun – experiencing the Sacred Heart Solar Gate opening within your chest. Feels like heat, burning, golden radiance from the heart center up to the high heart.
  • Pushing sensation from behind the upper body – Christed Self coming forth. Welcome.
  • Multidimensional Ascension Tinnitus – ear ringing/singing/tones taking on various frequencies now. Can be consistent, higher tones, and various tones at once. Harmonics are activating your DNA. Gratitude.
  • Zero Point experiences – absolute clarity, absolute stillness, absolute divinity and peace.
  • Zero Point awareness – the blank state of no-mind, no do-ing, no intent. Let it be.
  • Divinity overdrive – this is  a deeply sacred transformation. Weep when you feel the beauty of it, expand the gratitude.

Receive, receive, receive: take the moments to feel your own ascension. The Higher Self will demand it if it is your time to transcend the illusions. If you feel sad or irritated that you don’t have time for yourself, trim the nonsense, Masters.

The veils are gone – poof!

There is a theory proposed by scientists about perception: They say when Columbus’ three ships were approaching land, that the Native Americans could not see the ships until they were extremely close. Because the Natives had no reference in their reality for giant sailing ships on the horizon of the Ocean, they could not see them. They could not perceive the giant vessels because they had no reference point in the mind to interpret what it was. This is similar to what is occurring in our own perception right now, because the veils are officially down. Think of the formerly higher realms as your Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria sailing into your reality. They have been docked for a long time, and finally we are altering our perception to see the truth. No veils, no separation at last.

Attuning our perception will be challenging as a collective, which makes wayshowing important for those who chose to awaken early. For the folks who have the gift of sight – eyes open, please. For the last 2 years it’s been flashes of lightships by day, wavy energy fields, beings appearing as sparkling vibrating particles … all of that changes now. And it is wilder than ever.

The trick is knowing it is already visible, it is we who have to attune to what is available while the veils are down. REmember that the squeeze of the middle of this birthing vortex supports your pure intentions and self-empowerment. Tip: this is a vibration = vibration situation. Look with the love you have REactivated through your Ascension process. There is no more support for begging the external to provide what is seen clearly through the heart. Vibration = vibration.

Side Effects of the 12-21-12

Three days before the 12-21, the energy may make you feel emotional or blank depending on your journey. The energy here at Shasta is intense in a 5D way – a brilliant heart-opening love. Moments of intensity or wave-like energy, similar to 2011’s standing-on-a-ship type vertigo are also coming in. it’s just magnetics and pole adjustments. Ride out the waves by being consciously calm and caring for your body vehicle. Rest is so important. Just be with the experience. Forget the DO-ing if you are feeling the divinity. Be with loved ones or folks who are feeling the same. If you have neither, tap in and feel the new vibration overpowering the old on this planet. It is incredible and will keep you company.

Many ask me what to do on the 21st itself, and again I REmind everyone that you are in charge of your creation during this window. The 21st marks the beginning of the new dawn, the new creation, the return of the Christ ~ honor your own birth with the same respect, calm and harmony you would give a beautiful Mother and newborn. Be a good midwife to Gaia and your Higher Self.

Personally, I AM not planning anything. My beloved ancient friend is here from Switzerland, and we are quietly honoring our transformation from moment to moment. For some Wayshowers, Lightservers and those undergoing a deep birthing of the new, I still sense the symbolic three days of darkness (stillness) after solstice will be potent. It might be spent in bed or in a state of suspended consciousness; a sleep-like state where the DNA, crystalline structures and Christed consciousness code activations get a full activation. That does mean deep etheric work, so the body may just be “offline” for three days. If it’s anything like the rewrites of the 121212, I’ll be asleep. Ironic to go to sleep in order to awaken. Die for three days, then resurrection; we all get the metaphors now, don’t we? All is well.

On the Day

Just a few REminders

Masters have been connecting with me in session or in person in the last few weeks. I sense our councils are REuniting as we step into uber-service, either as dimensional liaisons (gatekeepers) or embodiments of the crystalline consciousness during the Shift. This is comforting to me since we had to be so spread out before the 121212 in order to anchor the rainbow bridge/crystalline grid and balance energies on the ley line grids. Many of us are on key vortex points on the grid for the 21st, feel free to connect with me through the ethers in Shasta to harmonize the collective anxiety.

Don’t electri-fry the planet, please

No more electric white light blasting the grids, please. Gaia is FINE and the electrical light causes weather imbalances. Don’t uber-Reiki the planet or bring in some outside being’s light, please. Especially at a sacred site. Command photonic-magnetic light if you must blast the (fully functional and 100% clear) grids, or radiate golden crystalline love from your heart center. Take it easy, just enjoy the gatherings.

Set yourself up for freedom

The Ascension Gateway for full-blown walk-through to 5D/beyond is amplified (that’s the tightest squeeze of the vortex which assists creations of pure intent) is open until end of March Equinox. No whining if you don’t dematerialize on the 21st – if that is what you have been working on. A dimensional jump is work, there are cosmic factors and facets of your personal energy fields and journey to consider.

The best thing I can recommend to anyone interested in 5D Ascension is to clear the fears, illusion and judgment of your 3D/4D lifestream. They can’t go with you and weigh down the process. Take the steps, take advantage of the supportive energies, and be the Master you are right here, right now. Think, eat, sleep, communicate, love and behave like the Master – your Higher Self – that you are. That’s not ego, it is your natural state of Unity with all that is. Be *Presence* and take five to reconnect when you feel distracted. Hold this intent as we journey to Zero Point and it will be amplified. To know and not do is to not know at all.

Expect nothing from the External

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see a huge overhaul in the external. Don’t be frightened if you do. Your creation must be anchored within – the internal shift – in order for you to experience the same in the external. Those saying Nothing is happening are clearly missing the miraculous. The higher realms are subtle, gentle ~ not the 3D bull-in-a-china-shop duality you may be used to as reality. Yes, the platform for our collective experience is changing as 4D Gaia is revealed (ahem, already here). Meanwhile, Gatekeepers are building bridges and stargates to 5D and walking between; many are primed to fully activate the Christed Consciousness and walk upon this planet embodying that frequency; the lift of the inter-galactic quarantine is upon us. There is plenty going on in the external – it is the internal which absolutely must shift in order to experience something new. Resurrect thyself, beloved.

Love, Light, Harmony, Ascension

Rest, receive, be the Ascension. Let it expand within you. Be still. End the search and begin the knowing. Ignore the last grabs at the dissolving fear matrixes; walk away. Be the divine REturn. This is indeed the best Christmas ever; open the presence that you are.

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