Guided Journey – Activating Internal Portals for the 12-12-12

This is a guided journey from the Ascension eCourse for use in preparing for the 12-12-12 activations. It is a Mastery level journey, so it is direct, focused and fast.

Some notes for those who are guided to REceive on the 12-12-12:

  • The meditation is about opening to REceive; an effortless expansion and welcoming in of your birthright.
  • This is offered as a tool to REmember how to REceive.
  • It may feel technical, but it is about the LOVE and pure intent to serve.
  • It does not matter where you place the portals, they will shift to the proper places as the light rays come in. The important thing is to do the work ahead of time and consciously create the portals. You must command this, Masters.
  • Your pure, clear intention – without doubt or worry – opens your beingness to REceive. KNOW thyself.
  • We co-created this Shift, however, your individual creation is unique to you. Make the portals/stargates of whatever geometry, light, sound, color or sensation you choose. Let your Higher Self show you the true you.
  • Light-ground it: draw a sketch of your portals after the first listen, REdesign if necessary and do it again.
  • You can’t do it wrong if your intention is to serve, to embrace possibility and experience the New. This has nothing to do with ego (I want to show everyone how great I AM), leaving Gaia (get me off this toxic planet) or escaping your lifestream (this reality is crushing me).
  • With Zero Point dynamics comes responsibility: activate because you have gratitude and love for the now, and desire to create something new.
  • Abandon any egoic judgments that is has to feel a certain way, or you might miss your one big chance, or you think you can’t do this. Ascension is learning that none of the old paradigm or New Age crutches have anything to do with where we are or where we are going.
  • You don’t have to do this. There are absolutely no threats involved with an authentic Ascension Process. You don’t have to engage with conscious Ascension at all. Whatever is right for you will present in due time.
  • All lifestreams are unique, and there are plenty of gatekeepers capturing these encodements for all of HUmanity on the 12-12-12. If you are not ready for it, or it brings you anxiety or fear, let it go.
  • For those called to step up and REceive: open up your portals, get your REceiving muscles loosened up by 12-11, and honor the REturn of the crystalline consciousness. It is quite incredible.

A side note on Ascension:

Ascension is available for as long as Gaia chooses to provide a platform for the experience. Ascension of your consciousness is wise if you want to keep up/match the vibrational state of the planet your are living on. If you’re on a planet choosing to Ascend to a higher frequency, you may desire to clear the illusion of the old frequency so that you control your evolution, rather than it controlling you.

There are extraordinary things available with the REactivation of the Divine HUman genome on this planet. It is your ability to access, activate and integrate the higher state of consciousness which provides a boundless menu of possibilities.

We are limitless beings awakening from a long dream of amnesia. You didn’t fail if your consciousness is unchanged on December 21; that is the ego-mind, and it has nothing to do with the true you..  Abandoning the illusion is Ascension, and it is ongoing until you merge with your true Higher Self.

Ascension occurs in the Higher dimensions as well – it appears to be an obsession of the Universe to expand one’s abilities and expression. Why? Because we are Source’s dream of exploring itself. Let me know all of myself is answered by all of us, in unique ways.

This is a planet of Mastery. REmember who you are, step forth and BE the light of the world.

This mission runs on love, light and your support. My gratitude for benevolent energy exchanges.

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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

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