Global Unity Meditations on Full Moon SUNday

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

I returned home to Mount Shasta last night. It feels like I have been gone for years! Once again, I walk in the door of my little place and have to re-aquaint myself with the surroundings. It feels as if I had not lived here before; all is new, strange, in-the-moment, re-discovered.

I spent time in big nature on the way home; the Mohave Desert, Joshua Tree, Yosemite.  Gaia’s magnetic shifts make everything feel unfamiliar; renewed and ancient at once. I will write about the grid shifts next week.

Right now, the highest service is utilizing this Full Moon to level up; to raise the collective to be transparent to the lower level nonsense. Veils are dispersing; notice the subtle realm bleed-through as we enter the miraculous month of May.

Please join us in our consistent co-creative practice of SUNday Unity Meditations. Together we amplify and reveal our Divine birthright of Ascension. Meditate in your own way at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time. Details and guided meditation on the Global Meditation page.

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Blessings upon all of creation!

In Love, Light and Service,


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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.