Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part Three

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Lower reality structures dissolve as the higher realities of Christ/Unity/Crystalline consciousness are embodied. Right here, right now, the platforms of Old Earth realities are fading. The effect on the collective consciousness is palpable; 5D/7D/9D anchoring within Gaia and the High-Vibe Wayshowers creates global acceleration of Ascension. Time dynamics dissipate to accommodate the finer, less linear version of collective realities.

Pure photonic light is encoded for Divine order. It synchronizes cosmic change, reorganizing our realities into Unity consciousness. It connects the dots, causing unification.

We can sense the massive reorganization of OverSoul groups during this passage. Ascension has been attained on so many levels, Beloveds. Not just for Gaia herself, for multiple Oversoul groups.

The trickle-down effect within the fractals is quite strong; the bliss, the loss of identity as we merge into a full embodiment of the multidimensional state of Unity. Many are unclear about they were, who they are, or who they are becoming. This is a very good thing, as it demonstrates this merge into Unity Consciousness. Separation becomes a distant memory, fading in the brilliance of the New Light.

The inability to define oneself right now is a reflection of the macrocosmic reorganization; the rewrite at the Universal level. Harmony is commanded and achieved in the higher realms, and our denser reality mirrors this on the microcosmic level through more widespread experiences of Unity.

We expand to permanently merge with the future self. The Divine marriage of past, present and future self creates the crystalline bridges to the New Earth platform. We have heard *embodiment first* for many years. To be in this experience in this Now moment, and surrendering to the unknown, is key to opening these bridges on behalf of all.

This is further evidence of lower timelines collapsing into Zero Point; we focus on what we are becoming rather than what we have been. It also accelerates bifurcation, and for anyone experiencing the next-level new lightbody, it can feel like we will be demonstrating what is possible by phasing into the higher frequency. Energies to support that experience will be entering mid-May. More on that soon.

The Bridge of Christ Consciousness

The templates for spirit-in-form change as higher vibrational realities become available. Applicable templates which bridge the worlds, such as the Solar Cosmic Christ, are embodied en masse as the New templates of Self emerge. It is a very different sensation, a very different experience than how the Christ has been defined in the past.

With the Primary Ascension Timeline shift last year, we are now creating higher possibilities, and more expanded experiences for the collective. Christ consciousness is a bridge between worlds, which is why it has the savior connotation, and why Masters said we would do All this and more. Just like a Primary Christed Ascension timeline, we utilize it as a Gateway to a new experience, because it bridges dimensions and densities. I AM the open door.

We create new foundations during this passage; New templates to transition us to the new experience. As embodiers abandon the old definitions of Self, we transcend the templates of the past. We rediscover and embrace our Creator-in-carnate abilities, align with Divine Service to all, and create higher trajectories for all concerned.

Non- Identity Crisis: Embrace the Unknown

Identity was tied to the egoic, mental and emotional structures. With the full anchoring of Unity consciousness, right now, comes the clearing, releasing and revelation of True Self. We won’t be defined by old light standards, and for many starseeds this opens the internal gateways wide for next-level creativity. High-Vibe creation paired with surrender to evolution itself can be a powerful transitional phase. Breathe, meditate, be with nature, and let the light change you.

When we surrender to the present transformation, Source reveals the New Crystalline way of beingness. There is great freedom in this, and freedom is an intention of the Galactic Stargates we are traversing.

The collective choice of the High-Vibe Tribe to embody Unity/Christ/Crystalline consciousness and merge with our Higher Selves has created tremendous acceleration. This dissolves beliefs and templates which are not applicable to the new realities and higher timelines. This is why so many are feeling the bliss states, the dissolvement of Self. At last we are capable of truly surrendering to the unknown.

In Service to others, we practice letting go of the personal agenda to serve the All. This passage is asking us to anchor 5D, 7D, and 9D. The effects on our consciousness are palpable. We lose personal identity and agendas. We remember our Creator State and manifest collective experiences as one purified beingness. We venture into the unknown experience of maintaining higher states of presence in the physical. Bliss, Divine Love and Divine Unity become consistent, unshakeable.

Ancient Structures and Encodement Activation

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers have been focusing on activating the deep ancient structures, deep below the surface of Gaia. These were put in place, by us, to assist the embodiment and crystalline bridge phase of our Ascension. The release of crystalline codes from Gaia, that unique energy emanating from the planet in this Now, is amplified by the activated codes in crystal beds, aquifers, and ancient underground structures. You may notice the presence and sensation of this 5D/7D frequency, sometimes in unexpected places. This is the New Earth grid system amplification, emanating through the fields and new magnetic lines of the Ascended realm of Gaia.

Fading Realities and Bifurcation

Bifurcation is a delicate subject to discuss. It tends to trigger judgements and beliefs, which is why I choose not to dwell on it. It is what it is. As it becomes more palpable to the collective, as the side-effects present personal and global bizarre events, we are given the opportunity to be fully conscious of our Ascension choices, timeline choices, and Divine Service choices.

We are all one, division is a temporary free will experience, just like separation was a temporary experience. Notice how the return of Unity Consciousness dissolves thousands, millions of years of experience in density into a distant memory. To my consciousness, this is the blessing of Ascension; the freedom to move on to a whole new way of being, without any judgment or residue of what occurred in the past. Gone. Complete.

Global side-effects of bifurcation can be challenging for some. Maintain Divine Neutrality as the reflections become stronger in the collective. Everything is being done to present the global collective with the opportunity to align with love over fear. Some events are motivational, some reflections of unity consciousness itself; what needs to be shifted on a global scale.

These realities are fathoms deep. It is wise not to judge the ocean by the waves on the surface, thinking that is all there is.

Stay pliable through the strangeness; note when you are triggered and do the inner work. Surrender to photonic autonomy, open to the bliss of Divine Love. The bliss of Divine Love grows, it overwhelms the lower Self during this phase as well as collectively overwriting the lower realities.

Two-Year Anniversary of the Global Unity Meditations

This SUNday marks two years of weekly Unity Meditations! For two years we have built this field of pure consciousness, connecting our multidimensional selves in Divine Service to the Ascension of all willing hearts.

We continue to amplify Gaia and the HUman Heart Grid with infusions of peace, crystalline consciousness and Ascension. Participate in the SUNday Global Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm Pacific Time. Spread the word, this is our High-Vibe Tribe co-creation and they continue to expand. Join your Brothers and siSTARs in co-creating highest outcomes for all concerned, amplifying the 5D Christed timelines, and enhancing your own experience of Ascension.

The Light grows so intense some moments, it feels like phasing out. Sleep, nature, creativity and simplicity are blessings during this phase. Remember your are not a victim of the light, you are a conduit of it. Encourage the flow. Support the body, Gaia and the collective in handling this ever-increasing flow.

May all of Creation be blessed, renewed and purified into Divine Beingness by this Divine Light. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,

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