Gateway Week: Aligning with the Collective Shift

Blessings Beloveds ~

In last week’s lengthy article about the September 30th Timeline Shift, the details of how timelines unfold with cosmic influxes were shared.

An intensification of Divine Love after a timeline shift purifies the memory fields, which are the emotional creations of the collective that create our experience of time. The intensity of emotional clearing and re-alignment of your path with the higher trajectory is the purpose of these clearing energies.

This is the 2020 energies already in play (since mid-year.) Acceleration is ON. We are in a Solar-focused Gateway since the cosmic stargate opening last week. Connect with that SUNspot as it faces Earth, there are information and codes available in this Now.

As noted last week; the intensity is amplified by the collective decision to level up; to remove distortion. Since all is One, we get to feel it and participate. However, it is important to practice FEELING what your choice is with these timeline shifts and purer frequencies.

Rehearse the feeling of bliss, gratitude, global forgiveness and abundance OFTEN. It changes your DNA, your energy fields, and your timeline choice. Then create, light-ground, take action to pull that reality into your lifestream.

October 4 -13: Gateway focus.

:: We are in it ::

The predicted Gateway brings us a SUNspot to play with. Remember this is Divine support; get outside for full-spectrum healing. All is amplified for our choice; bliss states grow stronger, uncomplimentary patterns break apart to be released.

If it is a challenging passage for you, you are not alone. Remember the intensity is pulling apart lesser realities. If you find yourself entangled with them, now is the moment to change lanes. Give yourself the gift of responsible Creation: Feel it, rehearse it, be grateful for all of it.

Utilize your superpower of LOVE. Higher choices,moment to moment. The heart field expands and reveals discord within. Pay attention to any resistance to change and shift what is presenting as uncomplimentary. Be in your Mastery. Mastery is not about control, it is the ability to apply Love to everything until your become a pure conduit of Source.

Our Gateway focus of October 4-13 is delivering a unique brand of positive intensity. A heart-centered reminder to be a responsible Creator: Feel, visualize and FEEL the Primary vibration of the higher 2020 trajectory in this Now.

Pause. Get outside in the Solar flow. Breathe. Feel yourself in your highest expression right here, right now. Practice the New Earth Now experience – it changes your trajectory. Watch and play with the guided New Earth Now workshop from last year. Then send that highest creation through the grids to support the collective.

It is your conscious choice to implement the Freedom codes on behalf of all. Think Global, act local. Entire sections of our collective akashic are being neutralized with these 2020 frequencies and timeline shifts. The acceleration is ON.

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