DNA Discussion: Dr. Glen Rein & Sandra Walter

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Building bridges of Service: I first met Dr. Glen Rein, a globally-recognized scientist and DNA expert, in April 2019. Our conversation was so expansive and interesting, I asked him to be one of the experts for our explorations into 12-strand DNA.

This is a fun and informative video on the possibilities of Crystalline DNA. It is one of the bonus videos from the online Crystalline DNA Mastery class. We talk about how Gatekeepers/Gridworkers interact with Gaia through our DNA, how DNA creates our experience, and the direct correlation between Glen’s torroidal DNA antennae theory and the multidimensional torus model I have been teaching for years. A refreshing, intriguing and bridge-building conversation!

Details and registration for the always-available online Crystalline DNA Mastery class HERE.

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