Cross pollination: Art begets art.

Let’s face it; if you are an artist, you are dedicated to a lifetime of learning. You’ll never reach a point where you know everything there is to know about your craft. A creative life demands a youthful curiosity, and an appreciation that art is a limitless adventure which we cannot complete in a lifetime.

When your creative fire needs a little fuel, it helps to cross-pollinate and explore a different art form.  The photo at the left is an okay shot, taken in Maui where nature does most of the work for you.  I fantasize about being an amazing photographer:  the type of photographer who can pick up a camera and capture the essence of a moment in seconds.  I’m going to get closer to my dream and attend a 7-hour photography workshop this weekend. Even if my skills aren’t affected, this class will stimulate my creativity.

When my creative spirit is hungry, I feed it art. Writing is stimulated by experience, both in the privacy of the mind and in the physical world. Watching a performance or visiting a gallery can generate some good ideas, but focusing on a new skill can give you new perspective.

As I mention in the Manifesto, you never know what will arise during creative engagement. If you are in need of a little inspiration, spend some time with an art form different from your primary medium.  Art begets art, and new perspective will breathe new life into your work. I look forward to sharing my amazing new photos with you, and the inspired new work I discover along the way.