Creative Transformation

This article is the conclusion of a series. Please read:
Transformation by Knowledge
Area One: How I neutralized the New World Order

Area Two: 2011-2012 Sun and Earth changes
Area Three: Extraterrestrials and Galactic Drama
Area Four: Ascension and the Lightbody

If everything you believe in was proven false: tradition, religion, culture, familial and societal structure, what would you do? If the demands of money, career, business and social acceptance just vanished, who are you? If all names, titles, roles and status judgments were eliminated, what do you call yourself? If you were given the opportunity for a completely clean slate, complete freedom from any outside influences, what would be your first move?

An exercise in perspective

There are some challenging ideas raised by this Transformation series:

  • we have not been in control of our lives
  • the truth of who we really are has been kept from us
  • information is manipulated without conscience in order to control
  • our solar system has its own drama and progress
  • off-world entities have aided and destroyed us time after time
  • the chance to stop repeating this cycle is upon us once again.

Note your reactions.

What do you feel? Anger? Disbelief? Betrayal? Want to write me a long comment about how wrong I am?

We’ve been trained to polarize: to quickly decide what is right and wrong, and defend our opinion. It’s a lizard-brain safety technique; kill or be killed/attack when your safety is threatened. Polarization is a key tool of TV and media. Dramatic stories (politics, terror, violence, sex, religion, celebrity) make your lizard brain kick in, judge the situation, and defend yourself via facebook, twitter, or the living room. And it has worked for decades because people feel comfortable identifying with a group or belief.

The Unknown

So what happens when everything we think is true is suddenly false? Where does the mind go for protection when shelter does not exist?

Here are three options in dealing with the unknown:

  1. Block it out. Threats overloaded the lizard. Retreat to comfort level and defend turf as long as possible.
  2. Unsure, need more proof. Let someone else investigate. Behave and wait for reports on progress.
  3. Mind blown wide open. Comfort and compliance are the new threats. Must explore, re-learn, find others who escaped.

The New

When I write, I consider the New: the most expansive scenario I can imagine. Where could the story go, and how would it affect people? My creative mind dreams of the New for my life as well. I long for that secret something that blasts away any restraints on my existence, and reveals the endless creative force available to me.

A drastic change in perspective occurs when you discover that all is not as it seems. A reconnection with a self that has been lost, victimized, altered from its original truth. It is beautifully tragic to experience this self, and the answers it provides. All the pieces of your path converge with the collective mind; a gloriously heartbreaking reunion of spirit and creation.

After this reunion, manipulations neutralize in the light of clarity. Limitations become transparent. Attachment becomes a restraint to higher knowledge. You may let go of the emotional drama, because it does not serve you. There is a profound serenity when all the players are forgiven. Compassion leads to discernment, and you – you alone – select what resonates for you.

Higher creativity

The possibility of experiencing a higher dimension is intriguing. The idea of boundless creativity, direct connection to cosmic consciousness, and compassion as a given norm is beautiful to me. Even if one can activate some of these higher skills to assist humankind here in 3D, it would be worth the effort.

Considering the amount of time we have spent in the dark, a year or two in the light trying something very New feels like a worthwhile endeavor.

My website will focus on this from now on. The quest for higher creative consciousness, the New, the next steps, methods for letting go of the old structure, and any discoveries made along the way will be shared.

I wish all of you a peaceful holiday season. May we center ourselves in truth and prepare for a beautiful journey together in 2011.

In love and light,