Aligning with 2020 Energies: Comfort in the Unknown

Blessings Beloveds ~

[Note: This series of articles are from the Aligning with the 2020 Energies Ebook.]

Rising frequencies intensify everything, in order to create change.

Although these bliss (unified) states of consciousness feel familiar to the heart, the outer reality is still adjusting. Global, Galactic and Universal energetic shifts trigger collective anxieties of feeling unsafe.

This is intensified due to the energetic and physical changes happening within.

Widespread changes in consciousness trigger fears of the unknown in the collective. Embodiment of much higher frequencies and new states of BEingness create clearing from the collective subconscious.

We serve as the calm, balancing energy, while transforming our own consciousness to demonstrate the New. Veil-thinning, revelation and personal transformation are amplified as we experience the 2020 energies already in play.

Challenge your fears and comfort zone. Any small activity shifts the energies. It also activates DNA. Gratitude for the strangeness also flips the moment to positive light. Get comfortable with the unknown, and change.

Private, individual contact is happening in this Now. Benevolent versions of Self and Star Families are reconnecting after a brief phase of allowing the Embodiment to unfold (free will choice). Now we are at a higher vibration – as well as Gaia – which allows for clearer multidimensional communication. Focus on the unification of realms/aspects of Self rather than the us-and-them dynamic of the past.

The current experience of blissful Source activations, or reunification with God Self, is the next phase of Embodiment. Many of you are receiving activations on this level, which makes it available for all. They will intensify. Create peaceful space for integration.

Have gratitude for the departure from the old stories. Those memory imprints need no longer influence your DNA or experience. There is an opportunity for closure on the old during this window. Move forward with Freedom and the New.

Be the designer of your experience. The parallel Ascended realities are getting very clear as the self-imposed veils lift. Maintain your preferred outcome in the Now . The body and DNA will adapt to provide that experience.

Consistently intend, feel, decree, self-correct and create your desired reality. All is built on the  foundation of LOVE. The vibrations of compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, faith, and Divine Neutrality are expanding with our Embodiment. Utilize these powerful forces of pure creation!

Wishing you a beautiful 2020 in this Now! Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension.

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