Activation Notice: Incoming Light Wave

Blessings dear Light Tribe,

Activations are coming much more frequently as we go through the acceleration of 2014. I AM not guided to be an energy reporter, however today marks an acceleration, so I felt I would share. Typically these kind of updates are on my facebook page, not on this site. Just a heads up.

This morning I received the long, high-pitched signal in the right ear of Incoming New Light. Old-paradigmers may associate right ear signals with dark energy or something stepping into your field. That is outdated intel. Level up from battle phase, please. If you’re stuck in fight mode, set a new agreement with your Higher Levels to switch the right-ear something’s in my field signal to a Galactic Level incoming light, energy or activation signal.

Currently my agreement with my higher levels is: 

Left ear – Higher Self and Divine Entourage team
Right-ear – Attention signal for incoming light to our Solar system and Planet

When a signal comes in that is VERY intense (loud, strong, long tone), I drop everything and pay attention. Today I was guided to lay down. I passed out for 5 hours straight. I awoke with my whole body buzzing and vibrating, with my reality feeling like liquid. That liquid light feeling is 5D/6D frequencies. (Listen to yesterday’s interview on Heavenly Blessings for more on this – I also light-encoded the video for maximum benefit).

An upgrade is taking place on the planetary level. We are only at the end of January, and it has been a vibrant month. However the Higher Teams are saying this is a necessary jump through the weekend. More heart center and crystalline structures activation for those who are open and receiving.

Anchoring teams – Keep it calm, integrate through the heart. Get on the ground and be a conduit for Gaia’s shift. Send stability and love through your heart intelligence to the HUman grid – the collective of HUman hearts. Rest, meditate, drink a LOT of water, engage meditative movement to integrate into the cells. Be this light – you are a conduit. Demonstrate it authentically.

Interdimensional portal builders – experiment with new structures and spend some time with them as the frequency rises. My Higher Teams are pushing for this, I AM sure yours are as well.

In love, light and service,




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