A note on this week’s light waves

Beloved Light Tribe, I will get the article series finished and up this week.

This is not a busy-ness energy coming in; we truly need to pay attention to the inner world, the inner transition, in order to be the calm, loving, centered wayshowers as the frequency rises.

Kindwhile we all need to breathe, receive the new light, have responsible clearing sessions – on behalf of yourself and the collective – and fully accept the Shift. The next waves are deep core-busting energetics which will get more intense, however they are also heavily encoded for the activation of Grace. These light waves are intended to amplify distortion on our behalf – Watch the illusion, but don’t embody it. Feel the revelations within and without.

The weekend energies may make you feel dizzy and weightless. Welcome to the acceleration!

Note: These energies also amplify agreements which you set up to show you where you are giving your power away. Remember the Zero-Point dynamics. Discernment, beloveds. Watch the messages aimed at triggering the collective as the energies rise – Does it feel like fear? Emotion? Then walk away. Lightworkers are vulnerable to savior/martyrdom dynamics – please do not get fired up by false intel and create situations that aren’t there. Responsible Creation. Be vigilant with your ability to create PEACE.

New addition to this site: Check out the I AM messages slide show

Ascension Course participants: We have a group Q&A call on Wednesday at 6pmPST. Check Module 14 for details, send questions now or ask live on the call. Many Blessings!


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