What a Difference the Now Makes: Allowing Expansion

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Unconditional Love, the autonomy of the Divine Cosmic Mother vibration, is flooding the planet. It is a function of the ultimate balancing activity of photonic light, which reorders our realities into harmony. This amplifying light shines into all particles of consciousness and presents both the collective and the individual with a choice of experience. It subtly, invisibly, turns the volume up on all thoughts, beliefs, emotions in order to transform them. Higher choices, such as embodiment and Ascension, are also amplified, which is why the process has kicked into high gear.

Allow yourself to experience these intimate moments with Source through the mystical Solar Cosmic Christed connection to their fullest extent. Trust yourself to stay connected with this exquisite light via the pure frequencies of the Christed timelines.

Natural, organic DMT activation (Dimethyltryptamine, the *spirit molecule* which produces cascades of third eye visions) is a side effect of DNA activation and embodiment. Elevated mood, expansive compassionate thought patterns, and radiant third eye landscapes may present. While the visuals can seem grandiose and rapid-fire, they naturally support the emergence of the Christed frequency through your Heart center. Feel it directing your DNA to create a new projection of Self in these realms.

Becoming boundless can challenge the mind-level; the lower realities are not applicable to this heightened experience and yet the fractal shines in these realities. Remember that each activation, each passage of expansion, stretches you to your self-imposed boundaries. When you welcome these experiences with regular meditation, aligned behavior and thoughts, and daily practice, they will become more frequent.

Experience -> Expansion -> Stabilize at the Higher Level -> Integration achieved -> Preparation for another experience.

The more you open yourself as a conduit of pure Source light, of pure unconditional love, and demonstrate it in nonjudgmental, compassionate thought, word, and deed the more these frequencies may assist your embodiment process.

Remember the Christed timelines do not feel like timelines… past, present and future are felt as lucid, pliable, Now. The brilliance of these higher timelines initiate us into the non-linear experience so that we may transform our consciousness to merge with the Higher Self experience. This includes multiple multidimensional levels of Self, and ultimately, the Godhead; pure Source consciousness.

Primary Timeline access allows for true embodiment of the Higher Self, the Christed Self, and the pure Source consciousness presence. It takes conscious focus; meditate on the Divine merging of all levels, layers and expressions of Self. Allow your choices to reflect that higher Love experience. Demonstrate your New Earth presence right now, and the energy will empower those actions.

Timeline Delays: One down, Two to Go

Our last Gateway focus took us through a vibrational barrier which was creating delays in the collective timelines. You probably felt it last Friday. The core-shaking, unusually strong sensations of anxiety or emotional stress. This was a strong timeline blockage release. It simultaneously opens the High Vibe to the higher timeline energies, and flows light into the lower timelines, pushing for harmony, revelation, and transparency.

Our collective action to end procrastination in the Light Tribe will continue to assist this activity. According to the Higher Levels, there are two more (that is a very small number) breakthroughs, where we may assist in overriding the time-loops which delay the experience of Primary timelines for all concerned.

If you are one of the beautiful BEings who is experiencing the Primary timeline access, your light quotient has a higher impact on the collective experience. This is the purpose of embodiment; to infuse the HUman heart grid, New Earth grids and the collective consciousness with pure unconditional LoveLight. It allows for expansion on all levels of consciousness, since we are Now functioning in Unity Consciousness dynamics.

In service to the collective, we nudge the secondary timelines to break through the time loops and delay tactics. It also amplifies the higher timeline experience when HUmans move forward with creative endeavors. Let your Heart be boundless, and the Christed energy will flow. In brief, act as if you have total freedom to move forward with your passion (because you do.)

Spiritual advocacy is Divine. We keep it simple and in alignment with the Divine Feminine influx. Right now, take as many steps as possible (please, just one will assist) in moving forward with your creative expression, new service work, anything that you have been procrastinating. One small energetic shift from each of us pushes the energetic envelope to break through any remaining blockages to the highest timelines and outcomes for all who desire this – in the NOW.

Global Unity Meditations on SUNday

Let us utilize our collective empowered BEingness to co-create the return of peace and the Christ consciousness, and assist the highest trajectories for all concerned. The Christed energy field during these meditations is palpable, healing, and activating. Add your light, every Heart is witnessed.

Join us on SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pmPT. Details and a free guided meditation can be found HERE.

We Love You, We Bless You, We Thank You for your service and dedication to HUmanity, Gaia and Source.

In Love, Light and Service,

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