Welcome to November: Brief Update

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

After the strong Gatework of last week, we now enter this wide-open Gateway of November. Our first passage of November 4 -11 steps forth with Solar activity; a confirmation of the magnetic work completed last week. The Gate passages are continual this month, with just a few days between influxes. We are encountering a change in plans, Beloveds. Open up, stay flexible.

We are down to the last days of energetic support for re-creating 3D, and everyone in alignment is receiving the messages on 2016 already. Please avoid the anxiety programs which interfere with the collective heart grid and do the good work, Beloveds.  The Resurrection phase is the primary focus to a large portion of the Light Tribe; let the transformation unfold. Revisit the messages from earlier this year if you feel distracted or spun out by lesser agendas.

Focus can be challenging as gravitational shifts grow stronger right now. More on that in the next article.

Connection Call tonight

The Ascension Path Connection Call is Wednesday, November 4 at 6pmPT. This month’s focus is on the (continuing) Resurrection process, and what is unfolding for 2016/2017.

This passage opens doors and hearts, and a need for empowerment unlike ever before. There is a lot going on simultaneously in our lifestreams; we learn multi-level focus as the multidimensional Self takes over. Please join via phone to join the conversation, or via the web if you just like to listen in. The replay will be available immediately after the call in the replay module.

November Class Registration

There are some exciting opportunities involving the Ascension Path training series happening at the moment. Kindwhile, I AM offering a discount on full one-year access to Ascension Path including all 12 modules, videos, tools, guided meditations, printable materials, and over 40 hours of Q&A call replays. Just use the link on this special page to register for $333 (a $111 savings).

It is an honor to share this journey. Let us hold the highest intent as this powerful month unfolds!

In Love, Light and Service,

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