Weekend Eclipse: Expect the New

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our first Solar eclipse of 2019 is on Saturday at 5:41pm PT. We are unifying to assist Gaia in this *bump* in her magnetic core shift. Please meditate, engage in ceremony, spend quiet time in creative endeavors, call forth Divine Will, or visualize New Earth Now as often as possible this weekend.

The energies are already intensifying, and this phase of our embodiment will be bolstered by the organic timeline shifts. Renewal and trajectory adjustments are imminent.

Magnetic shifts in Gaia amplify the New Earth grids, node points, and your own energy fields. Focus on crystalline toroidal flow for both Gaia and yourself. Many of us are receiving adjustments to our meridians so we can handle more light. Contact is a major focus in 2019; expect a lot of visitation as we integrate organic realities. Get some rest so these frequencies integrate properly. Changes in magnetic fields affect gravity, so anticipate feeling (even more) floaty as this unfolds.

Solaris is delivering heightened levels of crystalline plasma right now. Our SUN is flashing again; tap into this activity in meditation to see and experience the reflection within. New frequencies are flowing since the Solstice, and Gaia is responding.

Our Global SUNday Unity Meditations will be very strong; invite everyone to join in.

Unifying in Mastery

The New Service site is live with classes, event tickets and private sessions.

The Gateway of Light Online Event to unify and share intel on this remarkable year is Saturday, January 12 from 10am-12noon PT. Register HERE.

Our Mastery-level Light Tribe Gathering in Sedona is April 27. Seating is limited to 144, please reserve your seat soon. We have a full day with catered lunch, and additional activities on April 28. See the new site for details.

The Eclipse Bolsters our Trajectory Shifts

We feel the Higher Self stepping forth as the primary reality.  The only thing that can block the organic embodiment process at this juncture is yourself. Release any anxiety, beliefs or stories which do not serve your highest, brightest Self.

The Trinity Returned in a purified state during Solstice. The visions of gold, diamond, crystalline, pearlescent, jewel-toned realms are consistent. Let us unify as One, step into our Mastery and call these realms forth as a palpable reality for all concerned.

Take a moment, merge with the Higher You, command those higher realities, visualize and feel these radiant outcomes of our Sacred work on this planet.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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