The New Temple of the Divine Self

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

This timeline split is one of the more interesting projects I have worked on. The affect on my consciousness and experience is profound; it is another passage of I will never be the same as the lower self continues to fade.

The New Template of Self reveals the New Temple of the Divine Self

Resolving the Destroy this temple and I will rebuild it in three days metaphor unfolds in our realities on a global scale. It takes patience to integrate and comprehend this latest upgrade of consciousness. Instant integration is still true for some frequencies, however leveling up changed with the timeline split, which is still in progress. The recommendation for rest, meditation in the stillness, and maintaining a calm center remains essential. Personally I spend most of my days in lengthy meditative states, hours of Gatework training with the Cosmic Stargates, and just BEing in the stillness, bearing witness to my body and consciousness leveling up. Many dreamtime visits with the Tribe as well; thank you for the lovely emails when you see me.

Purification of the timelines is reflected in our lifestreams; with the spiritual upgrade comes responsibility, Beloveds. Time dynamics are shaken, magnetics shift to accommodate the influx, and the HUman heart grid is lit up by the activation of the embodiers. Visions can surprise us; you may see Gaia disappear. Breathe, it’s just the transformation to a higher version of her.

The cosmic dream shifts, adjusting the hologram to accommodate pure Solar Christ consciousness. We are recapturing the essence of the SUN, which is a Divine Feminine operation. The opening of the Seventh Gateway is reflected in our fractal of Self. Your crowns may be activating (widening feels like the top of your head is missing, cranial expansion, piercing high-frequency tones) to welcome this into your fields. The full activation of the 13th DNA strand of Christ Consciousness reflects the Thirteenth Aeon, and the return of the Feminine aspect of Source to her Ascended state, purified and released from the density of chaos. This is what is unfolding at an accelerated rate with this timeline adjustment; it is resolving many layers of experiences for full unification.

For many the Cosmic Mother frequency is an unfamiliar energy; it shifts the old concepts of the Divine Feminine into a direct experience of what the crystalline state is truly about. Multiple things are happening simultaneously; it is best to stay very present with yourself in order to experience the alchemical marriage of Presence. Rest and stay hydrated to fully integrate the New.

Supportive Practices for the New Template

The dropoff of uncomplimentary timelines (including synthetic blockages to the Ascension) has a reverberating effect on the higher timelines. Moments (or days) of suspended animation, time-standing still sensations, time racing by, thinning veils, all of these are vibrational side-effects. The strongest effect is the release of energetic support for uncomplimentary creations. This applies to all of us, beloveds.

The photonic light delivery system for Divine Will is powerful. All activities which support Self-will over Divine Will are getting hit hard. Take note if this is presenting in your lifestream and do the good work to align with Unconditional Love. As always, when we clear and align ourselves with Mastery, we accelerate the collective journey.

Mastery Practices to assist the Path

For one week, speak nor write any judgment, complaint or ill will about anything or anyone, even about yourself. Try it for a week if you have not done this, starting … Now. Gentle heart-based communication amplifies peace and exposes our Higher Self perspective. The habitual impulse to complain, blame or critique – even in jest – reveals our negative habits, insecurities and wounds. Breathe and use that moment to align with highest intent, clear the fear, and forgive. Then create solutions which reach the proper ears if there is a true problem. This also assists with rewiring neural pathways and sharing in more transparent, heart-based and direct ways. Vulnerability and kindness demonstrate true strength. The pure alchemy of Mastery is a frequency; aligning with that frequency changes the way you communicate. You may notice this when communing with higher-level beings. It takes practice to Master this heart-opening skill.

Take the Higher Timeline: Be the Presence in every situation and demonstrate Divine Neutrality of Love. If something really needs to be said in the moment, use discernment language and gently suggest solutions. Be the Peacemaker. Raise the light level in every situation, thought form, or emotional construct within and without. Forgiveness and compassion are always the higher road to 5D.

Gratitude Stream: A powerful tool to utilize in tandem with Forgiveness and Nonjudgment. Examples in the free tools section. Empower yourself and write a few of your own, it is a very freeing exercise.

Highest Intention: Re-Heart your highest intent often, to avoid being pulled into creating lower intentions. Ask yourself: What is the highest, brightest most complementary thing I can create in this moment to assist the Ascension? What act of love may I perform in this now moment? Try radical self-love, creative time, random acts of kindness, or acts of service.

Show Gratitude for Your Endurance: Take note of your capability to adjust to these new realities as they unfold. Thank Source and your Soul for going through this experience awake and aware.

Cosmic-level Patience and Perspective: This particular type of Ascension is a big multidimensional operation. Dissolve waiting game programs by connecting with your Highest Self. All is unfolding in the highest interests due to those in service; do the good work when you feel impatient, triggered, or doubtful. Mastery is Innocence and Maturity at once.

Pliable Reality: Stay flexible. During intense periods of change, we surrender rigidity about what reality is or is not, what we are capable of, what is unfolding, etc. Do yoga, stretch, walk in nature, breathe, stay internally flexible to support external change.

Devotion and Faith: Golden Keys to this unique Ascension. As devotional distortions of the old paradigm fade, our faith in each other and Source remains. Through the path of the heart, all is naturally revealed to the lower self. As you merge with your Higher Self, the expansiveness of Divine Love and alignment with Divine Will becomes your primary service, and reveals how to express that service in the world.

Honoring the Sacred Fire: As the sacred fires of purification continue to amplify, remember that pure offerings to the fire come back as pure spiritual empowerment. The boomerang effect of the magentics are strong right now, which is assisting the global purification. This light reaches all fractals of the One. Feed the Solar fire amplifying within your Heart with purity as the embodiment vibration arises.

The Easter Cathedra

The dynamics of the Cosmic Stargate are scalar in nature; energy fields intersect, creating an opening for higher light. It is a Divine Feminine doorway to Source, similar to your own Christed Heart center. The Gates for SUNday’s Easter influx are open. We utilize the collective celebration of spirit to create the Cathedra effect (many pillars stand as One), which welcomes in a unique blessing for the Lightworkers.

The Cathedra effect unifies the HUman heart grid and is implemented through Gateway events and Global meditations. These meditations strengthen the Ascension timelines by raising the light-level to (very) uncomfortable levels for anything unaligned with Unconditional Love. Meditation also assists with integration of these much higher frequencies, pure DNA activation, recalibration of realities, and removal of the flotsam of the lower timelines, both globally and personally.

Blessings to all during this powerful unfoldment. Breathe.

In Love, Light and Service,

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