The Embodiment Series: Part One

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

With the activation of the crystalline *rainbow bridge* DNA codes over the last few months, we are primed to receive a stronger, more consistent experience of Multidimensional/Christed embodiment.

This is the first in a series of articles focused on Embodiment. What embodiment is, how and why it occurs, who it happens to and when.

Embodiment: What is it?

When the fields of our activated DNA, which creates our coveted experience of Divinity in form, begin to spin and radiate diamond-solar plasma light, our energy fields expand to match that vibration. Our activated heart centers collectively lock into the vibration of Unity consciousness itself.

DNA creates personal, collective, and multidimensional experiences in form. It is a photonic light receiver-generator. It traverses dimensions and densities. Crystalline DNA contains stargate codes for the experience of the Solar Cosmic Christ, or a Divine HUman template experience.

When we activate these etheric crystalline bridge/Christed/Crystalline strands of DNA, we begin to embody our multidimensional Self; the simultaneous awareness of many aspects of Self.

We reconnect our awareness of Source-as-Self as a purified, very clear awareness. This known as the Christed/Crystalline/Unity consciousness state. It triggers massive collective acceleration for those choosing Ascension. This is happening Now.

Embodiment feels Avatar-like as the Multidimensional Self beams through the body vehicle and Lower Self consciousness. When we surrender to this Divine Presence of Self, it rewrites our consciousness via our DNA. It changes the way we feel, think, act and create.

Templates which bridge the worlds, like the Solar Cosmic Christ, are embodied during Ascension. Lower timelines drop away as the higher realities of Christ consciousness are embodied. The archetypal realities of Old Earth are transmuted, the templates for spirit-in-form change.

Christ consciousness is a bridge between worlds, which is why it has the savior connotation, and why masters said we would do All this and more. Just like a Primary Christed Ascension timeline, we utilize it as a Gateway to a new experience, because it bridges dimensions and densities.

Embodiment of the Christed Self is changing the HUman heart grid, and providing the new experience as a palpable reality for all willing hearts to align with. The revelation of our Solar focus, Gaia’s Solar activation, and our Solar Heart activation, weaves us back into the cosmic fabric of Oneness; Pure Unity Consciousness.

Changes in the Universe without, changes the Universe within. We are becoming something new.

How Embodiment Occurs

Divine HUman DNA contains markers for a pure experience of Source consciousness in denser form. Participation in the Ascension process, the increase in photonic light, and our location in the Galaxy activates these markers, allowing for an entirely new projection of realities through the SUN, Gaia and our Heart Centers.

As these cosmic frequencies from the Great Central SUN flow into our star system, they alter the way in which we co-create our reality into a purer, unified form in alignment with the background energy (the Cosmic Mother frequency) of Love.

Our perception changes as we bi-locate these codes and strands into our bodies and fields, and activate our Divine HUman DNA. The Solar shift we are currently experiencing is both internal and external. It affects consciousness; our perception of the creation within and without. Your DNA can align you with the perceivable reality of Ascension.

In order for this to become the dominant reality of the collective, embodiment of the crystalline/Christ consciousness must be attained by a small percentage of the Light Tribe. This is why embodiment has been a focus of our Ascension process. It must be willingly anchored into the HUman heart grid and crystalline core of Gaia to initiate the quantum domino effect. This exquisite higher vibration will shine through all choosing Ascension, and lift the veil on the reality of New Earth for many.

In order to create the Christed embodiment, our Heart center torus becomes a Solar generator during our Ascension process. This is how we communicate with the SUN. The Solar aspect within connects with DNA stored within the SUN (and the Great Central Sun ), allows access to the big Galactic project of Ascension.

Solar aspects being affected include:

– Solar aspects of the HUman Heart
– Solar temples within and above the planet
– Solar crystalline aspects in the crystal beds
– Solar aspects of water: The water elemental is capable of transmitting Solar aspects instantaneously, both in the body and in/on Gaia.
– Solar aspects of the Cosmic Christ: Reactivating your Master Self. Many of you will be activating others as SUNs of God.

Many of you are experiencing the reunification with much Higher aspects of Self who are deeply involved in the cosmic trajectory of this planet and Solar system.

The Stargate Connection: Why the Reflection Within and Without

Many of you understand the deep metaphor of Universe; how Source creates and explores through infinite parallel expressions. You are inseparable from the whole, and through personal exploration you can reveal what your particular fractal is up to across the dimensions and realms.

All of these simultaneous experiences are linked through multitudes of stargates and interuniversal flows of light, sound, geometry and intention. They arise and collapse as needed across densities and timespace.

Cosmic Stargates for Ascension hold the intention to dissolve distortion by utilizing geometry, light and advanced harmonics. As with all of our experiences, this is fractalization; reflections of what is occurring at much Higher levels of consciousness.

As we enter the vicinity of the Cosmic Stargates which provide a pure Ascension experience, the dynamics of Solaris change. We have seen the SUN shift to more crystalline hue. The same is happening with our heart centers as we ascend.

As Solaris changes, it changes the way in which our Higher Levels (remember how HUGE we are, beloveds) use the SUN to interpret our experience. The Solar prism clarifies to allow the Oversoul to project higher dimensional realities through our DNA. If you are in alignment with the frequency of the New Earth, your Divine DNA can be reclaimed, rebundled and support the perception of the Ascension experience.

The realms of light where the cosmic rewrite has already unfolded communicate with us when we collapse time-space in meditation or sacred practice. These realms do not adhere to our linear numbering systems (5D, 12D, etc.) which we have used to comprehend the vastness of our own beingness.

Cosmic Stargates are pathways of pure light which prepare the gateways of Ascension, the primary Christed timeline experiences, and assist in our transcendence to higher levels of consciousness. They serve the Universal rewrite; Source’s command for purification.

These stargates unify dimensions and densities; the Gateways of New Earth and beyond. They are directly reflected in the crystalline DNA, which in visions can look like a stargate bridge to higher realms. Because they are.

Your Internal Solar Gateway

Anything that sidesteps the Solar Heart center will create disharmony for that creator in this new frequency. That applies to individuals as well as collective creations; the amplification of intentions is the revelation experience unfolding right now.

We have unlocked the Gateways of Christed/crystalline DNA; the crystalline bridges to New Earth. The resonance of activated DNA is speaking to, and interacting with, the cosmic consciousness of Gaia, Solaris, Galactic levels and Universal Creator levels. I will describe these experiences in this article series.

DNA speaks to the cosmos through your heart; use your cosmic microphone to broadcast pure LoveLight as we interact with the Cosmic Stargates. Visualize and feel it; that is the key.

For those with the unshakable core knowing I AM Divine Love, I AM Source, no matter what; we are prepared to receive the consciousness-shifting, reality-changing experience of embodiment. We open as conduits, as Avatars of the next experience, infuse the collective and grids with that vibration, and let the Higher Self/Higher Light aspects take over.

Equinox Unification

We prepare to receive maximum light for a positive trajectory shift and activations on behalf of the whole. Holding the diamond-solar-crystalline bliss of Divine Christ Consciousness, we open the Gateways this week.

Join the Global Unity Meditations on SUNday at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM and 5:11PM PDT (Note the added earlier time!)  We unify as One to provide a synchronized connection for peace, harmony, balance and Ascension. Details at this link. Invite everyone to participate.

Energies have been extraordinary this month. There are only four more Gateway trigger points for 2018. We will have the 12D layer anchored by end of the year, most likely with the Gateway at the end of November. Let’s make it count. So it is!

In Love, Light and Service,

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