SUNday Time Shift: Pacific clocks go back, Unity Meditation shift

Blessings Beloveds ~

Please note changes to our Global Unity Meditations:

– Most USA clocks get set back an hour on November 3. Our Unity Meditation synchronizations are affected.

– While it is lovely to meditate anytime on SUNdays to add your intention, please note that collective synchronized meditations provide the infusions of peace, balance and Ascension codes desired and proven in many experiments. Join us when you can.

– If you have a group meditation on SUNdays, consider joining in during these hours to add your light to the unified synchronized times. Your groups will feel it!

– Many are reaching out to larger groups to join in, since we have one of the longest-running weekly Global unified meditations. The more participants, the stronger the effect.

NEW: Add the hashtag #sundayglobalmeditations to your social media posts to find each other and spread the word.

– NOTE: The 5:11PM unification has been eliminated. All focus goes to the 7-hour window of unified meditations earlier in the day. Our outreach will step up in 2020, so we are streamlining for effectiveness and ease of sharing. The other times will be held all throughout 2020 as listed.

Pacific Time shifts SUNday November 3rd. Clocks go back one hour in most of the USA.

SUNday Global Unity Meditations:

5:11AM PST/6:11AM MST/7:11AM CST/8:11AM EST

8:11AM PST/9:11AM MST/10:11 CST/11:11AM EST

11:11AM PST/12:11PM MST/1:11PM CST/2:11PM EST

PST = Pacific Standard Time = UTC -8

Time Zone Converter:

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Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


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