Strong Alignment August 20-29

Blessings Beloveds ~

Our next Stargate alignment happens August 20-29. Gatekeepers are opening this day to prepare for more realm-shifting influxes beginning on Friday.

The fields expand, the realms become more pliable (hence all the attempts to restrict realities … no chance, we already have millions with awareness in multiple realms. Keep your focus on right use of life force.)

August is typically strong for personal recalibrations. Visiting Mount Shasta, the Redwoods, and the California Coast right now provide familiar Gateway access points for me. And yet there are stronger, purer, consciousness-expanding, heart-opening frequencies than I have ever felt flowing through the Stargates, Gaia, and my own Heart-Lightbody BEingness.

It is a powerful moment for Self-Realization.

Shifting our paths, thoughts, and services to accommodate our new trajectories requires patience and integration.

Reminders from last week’s newsletter:

  • Forgive the parts of yourself that resist forgiving.
  • Embrace every opportunity for change, compassion, forgiveness, sovereignty.
  • Don’t cling to what was, let it evolve.
  • Shed the fear of other’s choices, let them have their journey. Find a way to love them even more.
  • Shift to Cosmic perspective. All is ONE.

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In Love, Light and Service,

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