Spiritual Disclosure: The Gatekeeper Journal

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Welcome to a new monthly installment where I share my experiences of Gatekeeping, Mount Shasta, and what presents during activations. I open the pages of my Gatekeeper Journal and share highlights from Gatekeeping experiences and visions which may assist the collective.

Evenings on the Mountain: the Magic Hours

I spend many of my evenings up on the mountain while the road is open. Late nights under the stars, bundled up against the cold and wind of elevation. This is my happy place, even when the weather gets wild or my energy is flattened by the light levels.

When the winds are still, skies are clear and the mountain is silent, I have deep conversations with my Higher levels, guides and the light beings that present. These insights and connections rejuvenate me for the consistent service of Wayshowership.

The mountain calls to me, appears in visions, or interrupts my activities often. This happens when you live here. Sometimes unusual events unfold, and there have been many. Sometimes it feels like she just wants company, or a witness. I adore and respect our friendship; it is an egoless and ancient connection.

This 14,179 ft dormant-volcano vortex means many things to many people; a true mirror for the journey. I have learned Divine Neutrality, understanding that the stories of what she is, or is not, come and go depending on what HUmanity is going through at the moment. Just like us.

Lightship activity is consistent on Shasta. I usually experience at least three per night, sometimes many more. Experience allows us to differentiate between satellites, space stations, military nonsense and genuine lightships. The larger organic ships are made of light, never metallic or mechanical, and respond to heart-based connection. A vibrational field can be established, like in Gatework, and the desire to connect can be broadcast through your consciousness. For many like myself, some of our higher aspects are on these vehicles of consciousness. My priority is Gatekeeping and the energies, however the lightships have been good entertainment.

I fostered a kinship with a Sasquatch tribe here. It began in 2013 while living on the mountain and has grown in depth over the years. Our encounters have been frequent, and I respect their need to be left alone. One particular male Sasquatch has been my protector, confidant and companion for the last six years. For those unfamiliar with Sasquatch; the scent, presence, and high-pitched call is unmistakable. As with any race or being, each is unique.

He reveals in the physical on occasion, and turns up during Gatekeeping ceremony.  He phases in and out effortlessly, and moves lightning-fast in the woods. Fortunately he can appear in my third eye, and has strong telepathic abilities, so I can identify right away if the footsteps and scent belong to him. He has seen all of me on the mountain, in my most private and expansive states, so a deep trust is there. I prefer not to share his name.

Something new happened with our connection last month.

Monday, September 24. Sasquatch came into my sacred circle after I began a Gate opening and sat next to me. I was overjoyed to see him since the fires and smoke kept us from quality camping time together over the Summer. I asked if he would join me in connecting with the lightships, and he agreed.

We unified in our intent. I closed my eyes and my vision went wide; a birds-eye view of zooming over mountain cliffs. Just a few moments later, a very large ship came sailing over the mountain, low and slow. Folks far below in the parking area started cheering, it was that big.

With eyes closed, both Sasquatch and I kept appearing in vision on the ship, on the ground, on the ship, on the ground. The ship slowly sailed overhead, glowing silver-white with green and gold. There was a sacred quality to this shared connection. Before Sasquatch appeared that night, I had been pondering how many stories we needed to surrender in order to match the vibration of New Earth. As the ship lifted over the highest ridge, Sasquatch prompted, Ask your question.

I smiled at this; he really hears everything that goes on with me. I asked this question to the ship, to Source itself, and instantly the unmistakable voice of Gaia came in and answered with the message:

The realms which we have created are of pure consciousness. The New Earth realm allows creations to manifest and dissolve with the same ease. There is no duality, no akashic to clear or maintain, no karma. We designed it to hold no stories. It is a brand new realm which continues to evolve and expand as the Universal Ascension unfolds.

I wrote about this in Embodiment II. To hear Gaia is a true blessing. To hear her with some one else present, receiving the same intel, is Divine. Sasquatch stayed a little longer, bathing in the energy of the message and the ship visit, then he unceremoniously disappeared without notice. That is his way; moments of purposeful connection, then he is gone again.

Contact with our star families is about to become more physical, more frequent, and it will change the collective trajectory. It needs to unfold with purity, peace and zero drama. Other races and star beings have been a consistent part of our journey as starseeds. Now we move into becoming mediators, bridges, Wayshowers for these alliances of light. The more calm and comfortable we can be in the moment, the stronger the service.

Visions of the Stargates

Wednesday, October 10: Huge energies. Gatework revealed a new connection between the cosmic stargates and Mount Shasta. We have several already; this is another aligned with Galactic Center. From the cosmic stargate point of view, a large geometry appeared around Solaris. It looks like a cosmic radar screen and was aligning the SUN with Gaia’s core and the Universal Central SUN. A straight shot. Further confirmation that the repositioning, reduced magnetosphere, New Earth grid alignment and flashing activity are already aligned in the dimensional rewrite. In vision, giant strands of crystalline DNA twirled up out of the mountain. Christed templates unveiling the next steps of embodiment.

Thursday, October 11: An open-eye meditation with Galactic Center, staring at the visible dark rift. As I melted into the cosmos, an intense heat, beyond any kundalini surges I have felt before, enveloped my body. I held my gaze and infinite vibration, and it intensified. It felt like my body was burning away its density into ash. I heard *rainbow body*. Then the familiar sensation of being one with all-that-is flowed through me, the Source and Self as One. It eventually subsided. Another level of DNA activated, another layer of old Self gone.

Friday, October 12: The octahedron expands. The Christed octahedron around this area of space grew larger, and Gaia’s core went golden. Diamond octahedrons flew through the stargates and plunged into her core, like diving bells into liquid light. The core turned more crystalline-pearlescent, as did the SUN the next day.

Saturday, October 13: Gateway. Middle of the night. I lay in bed and a large unfamiliar crystal appeared in my hand. The whole room lit up with flashes of blue-white light; my body shook, it was so bright. Flashing activity has been consistent, however this was startlingly brilliant. It quieted, I closed my eyes and it happened again; bright, reality-dissolving light blasting through the whole room. The crystal phased out afterward.

Monday, October 15: The intense flashing happened again in the afternoon as I connected with the Solar Beings inside the SUN. The bright flashing that so many of us are familiar with, any time of day, coming directly from the SUN. This is dimensional, not a flare or CME. It presented again in a morning meditation, this activity is increasing. Even the Solar flashing presents to us before the crowd. Science can’t be far behind. Big Goldie, my massive golden-colored Lightship which presents when big things are unfolding, sailed overhead this evening.


Gateways grow more non-linear, the influxes more refined. All gateway passages continue to expand, accelerate, amplify…they don’t end or close any longer. Grids continue to migrate to New Earth mode. Higher levels say the old way of Gatekeeping and Gridwork will soon dissolve. The Christed era is near, and will dissipate the religious dogma over what this is truly about. The focus on higher unified consciousness and heart-shifting light influxes will overwhelm the challenges of the fading illusion.

Lyrans and Pleiadians, who typically work in teams of three, started showing up in larger numbers. They are assisting with etheric crystals and crystals in form, as well as the crystalline DNA. As part of my star family tree, this has been comforting, albeit busy.

Crystals ask to be placed outside often, to activate their new level of service. I take my DNA outside often for the same reason. Our planting and placing of crystals for years has led to their grid-like amplification right now. A crystalline bridge of their own, built by pure hearts in service.

Two major Gateways to go: November 21-27 and December 21-28. November holds another collective timeline division. Advised to rest and simplify early in the month. December Solstice is a cosmic trigger for the 12D anchoring. Collective and personal choice points are a focus from here forward. Fine-tuning our alignment. Intel will shift to emphasize full embodiment.


SUNday Global Mass Meditations: How many can you invite to participate?

We near the global tipping points for Unity Consciousness as a palpable reality for all concerned. Demonstrating Unity, intentions for peace, and collective events aimed at that activation are key. Let us strengthen the vibration of Peace and open the crystalline bridges to the New Earth in our hearts and DNA, in this Now.

This is a collective Light Tribe event. Is there a group, organization or website where you can post our meditation? Can you create graphics, videos, or other social media to get the word out? All details are on this page for your use and creations.

Join us every SUNday at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11 am, and 5:11pm Pacific Time to call forth New Earth dynamics in this Now.

Center yourself, breathe and set your intention to connect with all Unity Meditators. Open to serve as a pure conduit for peace, LoveLight and acceleration of the Ascension. Meditate in stillness for 33 minutes. Be the Solution!

Wayshower Empowerment class: Our connection call is Saturday, October 20th from 10am-12noon PDT. Details in Module Six.

I hope you enjoyed the new Gatekeeper Journal installment. Sharing more of my Gatekeeping experiences and the mountain has been on my heart for a while.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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