Shifts in Unified Hearts: A Powerful Eclipse Gateway

Blessings Beloveds ~

The Stargates are flowing new frequencies, escorting in a realm-shifting Gateway and Eclipse week for many aligned hearts. Organic. Sublime. Powerful!Influxes anticipated for May 13-19, with the Eclipse peak SUNday May 15 at 11:29PM PDT. This is the last in a series of three unique influxes.Hold your hearts open. Be with Gaia as she un-veils new energies for all of us. As Mama Gaia says: Promises kept.A beautiful vision presented this day, with yet another reminder that this Eclipse realm-shift energy is something we may use to open ourselves to a new level of BEing in form.The Crystalline Stargate of the Heart presented in all of its multidimensional splendor. Not just my own heart; a unified vision of all willing hearts. An adjustment was made in the Unified Heart Grid. A new alignment, a new expansion, a new expression of the Heart.And then, celebration. Something wonderful and collective is unfolding, which changes us at the highest of levels.This is going to upgrade many hearts. Anticipate some surreal blissy sublime frequencies during this passage. (Don’t fret if it makes you emotional, let the gratitude of deep change flow). This unlocks higher possibilities, and a consistent state of alignment with the Infinite Kryst.Note the presence and focus from the Higher Realms as many Hearts become ONE with the Cosmic flows again.Our theme for the Crystalline Convergence this weekend is Becoming the Presence. There is also a focus on Crystalline Lightbody, which is intriguing since my experiences in the last few months have certainly felt like preparation for something new.The in-person Convergence event is at capacity. Livestream is available all weekend.LIVESTREAM PASS includes:– All nine hours of the live broadcast, join in anytime– Replay access for the rest of the year– Bonus videos and giftsACCESS THE LIVESTREAMAlready Registered? Login to your Convergence product to access event link, schedule, bonuses, and replays:  LOGIN FAQEclipse Connections:Stargate influx: May 13-19Crystalline Convergence Livestream: May 14-15 from SedonaSUNday Unity Meditation with the Convergence: May 15 at 11AM PDTTotal Lunar Eclipse: SUNday May 15 at 11:28pm PDT

Kindwhile, we are walking through a powerful passage of transformation.See you in the field!  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,



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