Revelation, Truth and Perception: Prep for Eclipse-Solstice

Blessings Beloveds ~

Our themes for 2021 intensify this month. To fully participate with this amplification of Revelation, Divine Truth and Cosmic perspective, we apply core Ascension principles. This keeps us open, pliable in Divine Neutrality, and aligned with the New as it presents in the Now.

Perhaps you have decided (and it is a free will choice) that nothing will prevent you from self-realization in this lifestream. Maybe you are experiencing new levels of the Divine Self through embodiment, while witnessing the revelation of distortion.

We apply quantum Oneness to everything, knowing that revelation of the internal world assists with revelation in the external.

This eclipse-Solstice passage requires effective self-evaluation. When the heart is coherent (neutrality) we may see ourselves more clearly. The heart becomes a conduit of the revelation frequencies.

Forgiveness of the most distorted fractals of Source, within and without. Hatred, fear and payback scenarios are frequencies that distort coherent light. All is healed with time. Go quantum. Pull the moment and feeling of resolution of all distortion into the Now. Forgive all of the illusion. It allows you to move forward with solutions, rather than judgment.


Apply the wisdom of Divine Neutrality as heart-aligned choices in the moment.

Revisiting Ascending Soul Questions as Preparation for Higher Truth

Mastery questions are a deeply personal experience; take care to meditate on them, feel them, and be transparent with your own heart and journey. Personal revelation becomes a collective experience when we do this. Change within, change without.

Do you love and honor Source/Creator/God, realizing that genuine Self-Love and Love of Source are One in the same? Is this expressed through your thoughts, words, creations, and actions?

Acknowledgment of the Creator, and yourself as a fractal of that, ends separation. Experiencing reunification is a profound, glorious sensation; this is not a mental exercise. Self-Revelation is Source-Revelation; complete oneness which brings profound peace.

Do you honor all of creation as reflections of Source? This includes all of Gaia, HUmanity, other beings, races, realms, positive or negative experiences … all of it.

Do you see the big perspective and respect all experiences and creations, regardless of how they appear in these realms? This heals all that has occurred here, both individual and collective journeys.

Have you embraced Unconditional Love as a consistent goal?

Unconditional Love of all of creation is end game. Start with Self-Love, flow outward.

Have you surrendered attachments to duality; negativity, fears, doubts, belief systems?

Get complete so you may deal with revelations. Your lifestream is energy – monitor where that energy flows; Do your thoughts, activities, purchases, conversations, relationships flow to the New creation rather than the old?

Be Flexible and Neutral as the Internal and External Revelations Present

Relieve yourself of judgment. Be pliable as these more intense frequencies shift our perception and reveal Divine Truth. Flexibility comes from a coherent, neutral heart ready to make higher choices on behalf of Divine Will.

Listen. Feel before reacting. Meditate on choices. Qualify all of your decisions with the Christed frequencies so they are aligned with the new, not based on past patterns.

Solar Eclipse
Thursday June 10 at 3:41AM PDT

New Moon 3:54AM PDT
Palpable new frequencies level up many OverSoul groups
Dropping off of old Self support for Embodiers; rapid Self-Revelation
Solar flash experiences (transcendence activations) amplified
Crystalline Bridges to New Earth Realms open through the Heart

SUNday June 20 at 8:31PM PDT

⁠Organic Stargate alignment; Incredibly powerful Zero Point energies
Unified Golden Race codes activate as Conduits of Pure Consciousness
HUge support for coherent Hearts in Service to the Ascension
Alignment with feeling and utilizing the new frequencies through the Heart Stargate
Crystalline Convergence weekend, tap into the collective field of unified hearts.

SUNday Unity Meditations

Join us in unified intent. Quantum support, DNA and Lightbody expansion are present in this unified field. SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight Time. 30 minute sessions.

Crystalline Convergence Update

We are at capacity for in-person seats at the Crystalline Convergence. Livestream still available.

Infinite LoveLight to all during this profound passage.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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