Resurrection Gateway and Collective Activation

Blessings Beloveds ~

In the midst of shedding, realigning, creating, expanding and integrating: The Resurrection Gateway of Easter arrives.

As we consciously merge with the ultimate unity of Divine Oneness, we self-realize the infinite within. Not as sacred study or dogmatic concept, but truly feeling Source in all of creation and intricately being part of it all.

This is freedom from separation and distortion. It activates the harmonics of the heart, which serves as a frequency generator for Source to purify the realities around us.

The Crystalline Stargate of the Heart becomes one with the God Gate; pure self-realization as active, embodied, unconditional love.

This experience of unity consciousness makes us aware of our multidimensional aspects, Source, other expressions in the multiverse. We feel the vastness of Self, while experiencing the Oneness of Source. We are reaffirming the Limitlessness of the Infinite, as the Infinite.

When we confront and encounter the loss of Self, dying to the old Self, we feel the need for Source. It restores our compass to its proper position; to seek reunification, to have faith in the Infinite Creator. This is a cognizant realization, a conscious choice of the Ascension process to experience Source-as-Self within.

We resurrect into the risen, new self which knows itself and all of creation as Source.

Since we must lose the illusion to gain the truth, we are simultaneously deconstructing the old reality while resurrecting the New. This is the deeper meaning of the bifurcation of realities. The bifurcation is felt within our own lifestreams. Rather than here and there, we feel a split in our own consciousness as the false overlays of the illusion are removed.

Resurrection codes, Freedom codes, and deep death-to-new-life metaphors are in full amplification right now. With the magnetics shifting, you may feel vertigo, light-headed, wave-like sensations, Gaia-rocking sensations, or levitation sensations.

Ignite those freedom codes with the biggest, most expansive dreams of self-expression and freedom you can imagine. Light-ground them into these realities with art, music, poetry, projects and creations that raise the heart and mind to New Earth level.

Meditate in Zero Point stillness often; let the elixirs of the Higher Realms flow uninhibited.

The Frequency of Resurrection and Easter SUNday

Easter holds codes for immortality and Resurrection of the Golden Race. Use it wisely.

Join us for the SUNday Global Unity meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PDT (UTC-7). Meditate for 30 minutes on peace, love, harmony, resurrection of the Divine HUman, and Ascension for all willing hearts. Details HERE.

FEEL this and surge it through the grids and HUman heart grid. Beam it out to all of Creation!

Equinox Webinar Replay

Many have noticed an uptick in activations with the last webinar. The codes, frequencies and pineal alignments are strong, and the Ancients of Days and Paradise SUNs are working with us through the eclipse-Solstice amplifications. Suggestion: Do the guided experiences three times for maximum effect and integration. Replay can be found HERE

Have a beautiful Resurrection week! Gratitude for this fascinating phase of our Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,

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