Maintaining Equanimity During the Revelation Phase

Blessings Beloveds ~

Acceleration of the Revelation phase brings subtle, and not-so-subtle, agendas to the surface.

Remember the sleight-of-hand aspect to this phase. All is not as it seems. Discernment. Wisdom. Perspective.
Note our collective progress; those standing for the whole rather than choosing sides out of fear (or obedience). The collective heart is tested again; revelation of unity is unavoidable.

Pay attention to the agendas you fuel with your consciousness. We know how these realities work; FEEL where your energy is being pulled. You will be presented with things to worry about, sides to choose. The last agenda fades, new concerns are presented.

Where is your consciousness. What are you creating. What are you affirming with your thoughts, words, actions, feelings?
Creation itself is being purified in these realms. Focus on Solutions and positive outcomes. Properly qualified Light has more power than fear.

We revisit the core photonic principle; proper use of life force. Basic frequency magnetics: Until we attain internal equanimity, the outer world will continue to reveal conflict.

Divine Neutrality is a valuable tool in this journey out of distortion. Compassionate choices within, higher collective choices without. Your ego, mind and emotions will avoid it. Forgive your procrastination and begin.

Clarity and heart-based perspective welcome peace into the collective harmonic. An excellent compliment to revelation. A must for right action and creation of solutions which benefit the whole.

The lesson of Equanimity during conflict is as old as the Mahabharata. Still applicable, we are still learning this eternal lesson of the Soul’s journey. It makes us better liaisons, clearer conduits, and better co-creators at the collective table.

Remember the higher vibration of awakened and empowered hearts has more influence on outcomes. Many are being groomed for unified leadership in the New Light.

Perhaps this video lesson (below) will assist those feeling entangled in the dismantling of distortion.

Know that many are holding the frequencies of Divine compassion, grace, unconditional love, and equanimity no. matter. what.

In Love, Light and Service,


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