Levels of Collective Awakening

Levels of awakening are provided for clarity on your process. As an Ascension Guide, my focus is on the process itself – support those who consciously choose to boldly walk into the unknown. There is no judgment on your level, your experience, or your participation at all. There never will be judgment on your experience; not from me or the higher realms.

This is not separation or a sorting out of who-is-where; we’re all on the same planet having vastly different experiences. The purpose here is to provide a clear understanding of where the awakened collective is at this juncture. Hopefully it will allow perspective on your journey, and an opportunity for Self-examination of what you would like to experience.

If you desire a different experience, it requires your participation.
If you desire a different external reality, it requires your participation.

Some levels are not complimentary to the Ascension of Gaia, the kingdoms, elementals and HUmanity, because they create disharmony. In a way, this is a request to make our work easier. But I cannot make that decision for you; leveling up is self-empowerment and must come from within. As the frequency rises, it shakes up the lower levels of everything until it aligns with harmony. This may be something to consider if your journey is getting overwhelming.

Each Level deserves attention and compassion. Of course there are overlaps in levels and wavering in and out of awakening; that is your personal choice. This is provided as a litmus test for where you are in your ascension process, and may provide some perspective if you are feeling stuck.

For simplicity sake, here are four main groups currently engaging in the awakening process. Click on the title to review the level descriptions:

Awake to Conspiracy
– Awakened to Light
– Consciously Ascending
– Transcendence

Many blessings to all of us as we go through this amazing process. Remember no one needs to be saved, or be a savior or martyr in the Shift. However if we want rapid change to a harmonious world, we must be responsible in our Self-empowerment and Creations.