Hearts Up for the May 23 Trigger

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Clarity on the palpable magnetic connections; wormholes in the veil are used for acceleration. Gatekeepers may feel intense pressure or a bolt-strike sensation.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

During last night’s Gatework (I AM still guided to expand and amplify the gates three days before, three days after), I experienced a powerful synch of prior intel. Our cosmic trigger on May 23 is yet another click in the combination lock for the merging of our dimensional expressions.

DNA reconnection – the merge of dimensional expressions – is presenting (the 13-7-12 for code workers). The incoming grid energy looks like a great crackling through the plates of Gaia, so let us make it as easy on everyone as possible – without controlling outcomes. Highest interests of all concerned.

Gatekeepers and gridworkers, it would be complimentary to the collective to amplify your peaceful, expanded state over the next few days. Magnetics are in play, and our awakened HUman heart grid is powerful.  Vibration = vibration, let’s make it a powerful weekend for Divine Love. The prior magnetic punctures – the anomalies – created wormholes in the veil, used for acceleration. Wormholes penetrate spacetime dynamics. They also exist within your mitochondrial DNA and are used for bi-locating pure HUman DNA into the cells. See the connection? Gatekeepers may feel intense pressure, a bolt-strike sensation, or a powerful vibrating hum in the body when the magnetic anomalies occur.

sandra walter ascension

I was guided to save two examples. It is not something to track, just visual support for the sudden sharp sensation.

They are not associated with a CME, flare or magnetic storm. They do show up on the charts. Totally random, so it is not something to watch for, it is something you experience. Your connection to the Gates may make you sensitive to these anomalies when they occur. As the Stargate of our hearts are connected to the Higher gateways, we serve as conduits for these energies. So we also feel the progress, the adjustments and the incoming light. As the wormholes activate, these punctures feel instant, strong, and direct. I do feel more folks will be experiencing them soon.

We must be doing well, beloveds. Our Higher Levels are turning up the volume again.

In Love, Light and Service,

Please note: The dates for the June online event have been changed to June 7, 13 & 14 in order to complete the activation prior to Solstice. More HERE.



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