Heart Guidance Amplified, Soulogy November 18

Blessings Beloveds ~

Can you feel the new light codes? As the Revelation Wave of December approaches, these refined energies flow in. You might notice a sudden good mood, a lightness in the air that feels like Spring, an embrace of Divine comfort, or the bliss of transcendence.

Listen to the intuitive messages from your I AM Presence and Divine Team. Step outside when you cannot sleep; the stargates and planetary flows are clearer to perceive. Be with Gaia and speak to her as the Divine conduit. Connect with the SUN and call forth the waves of Divine Light to reveal our highest trajectory.

Meditation feels like dissolving into the True Self. Stillness, completeness, no illusion, at ONE with Source.

This passage is a collective turning point, a transformational step in this challenging-yet-beautiful phase of our process. I AM preparing, resetting, enhancing my experience with fasting, meditation, being acutely present, attuning my lightbody, nature and writing. Creativity flows. Revelation Wave visions have amplified. Divine flows through the stargates are consistently adjusting, widening, responding to the inevitable galactic wave. I AM on the land and in the SUN often.

We are anchoring a radical shift in perception. For some it is a quantum leap in lightbody activation. It is a passage to embrace the mystical Self, and shed the veils on your own heart.

A Few Updates:

David Icke moved his Soulogy interview to January, so Todd and I will be live at 9AM PST tomorrow! Join us via the new Soulogy site, or watch the replay on the platforms listed on Soulogy’s site.

Wednesday, November 18 – Soulogy Live
9AM PST/12noon EST

Webinar replay Now Available

Thank you to everyone who joined live. We had a beautiful heart-aligning 2 hours last weekend. I shared guidance for this Now and Preparation for the December Revelation Wave and 2021.
Replay at https://www.ascensionpath.com/novemberwebinar

Higher realms requested unified Gate & Grid focus December 12-14

The 12-12 has always launched brand new energies. The Revelation Wave is a Divine and powerful shift point for collective realities.

The Higher realms are encouraging all who work with the organic stargates and Crystalline grids to be outside, on the land, for three mornings in a row.

We are opening for these consciousness-shifting codes, waves and photonic flows to utilize the organic stargates like never before. To honor this, we will gather for three mornings that weekend in Sedona. More details next month.

Sedona live gatherings:
12-12 Gate & Grid activation: Saturday, December 12 at 9AM MST – 10AM MST
SUNday Unity Meditation: SUNday December 13 at 9AM MST – 10AM MST
Solar Eclipse Activation: Monday, December 14 at 9AM MST – 10 AM MST

Gratitude to all continuing to hold the stability of Divine Love as the USA experiences *election month.*  Let us use our Responsible Creation tools and allow the highest outcomes to unfold with as much ease and grace as  possible.

Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


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Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.