Harmonics, Fluid Time and Unity Consciousness

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

This eclipse week is a beautiful initiation into a new way of being in our Ascension process. A major stargate activation occurred just prior to the Eclipse. This is a new experience, and major component of the floodgate activations of 2018. Remember the Logos intel from last week. Connect with Solaris and Gaia to receive & amplify on behalf of all.

Harmonics, Fluid Time and Unity Consciousness

Last week’s lengthy article had much to share on the unfoldments of this passage. I highly recommend visiting the complete text. Here are the major topics:

 – The current influxes are harmonic-based, although they appear as vibrant light in our fields and visions. These incoming frequencies are delivered via plasma pulses, which is the flashing activity we see when we meditate or connect with the SUN.

2018 provides consistent flow through the Gateways. Unity in service (SUNday Unity meditations, eclipses, Solstice, Equinox, etc.) are amplified and needed, however with the timeline fluctuations and divisions, there are no Gateway dates as in years past. Our service is consistent.

 – A natural progression in our Ascension is to become a conduit of the plasma frequency pulses and flashing activity. The codes within the DNA, Higher Self, Gaia and New Earth Gateway phase-lock to migrate the consciousness to a new platform. This opens the crystalline Gateways to the New Earth for others to follow.

 – Fluid Time Dynamics: Change over Habit:  One of our strongest lessons this year is our ability to experience time in a fluid non-linear state. We enter a period where change overrides habit. Activated DNA is attuning us a new experience of time, and it serves the Ascension process to apply this lesson of fluid time right now.

 – This is a year to gather, to share our experience of Ascension, and play with our co-creative power. I heard this clarion call and am co-creating both in-person and online events for the Light Tribe. See details below.

 – Neutralization of Timelines, Personal and Collective : Another side-effect of increased change over habit has to do with timelines. The wavering of higher highs and lower lows is the personal and collective timeline fluctuation. Habit wants a familiar experience, change demands a choice. Remember the Primary Christed timelines do not feel like timelines. We are attempting to migrate as many willing hearts to this experience as possible.

 – Losing Identity: The glue-like magnetics which held the structures for our old identity, our way of being in form, break apart in a dimensional shift. Bandwidths of frequency which hold dimensional realities in place are dissolving, revealing other options. The dynamics which held the old identity as a truth, and the illusion of separation, are breaking apart with the codes and light structures flowing through the Stargates.

 – Embodiment of the Logos:  This is a big topic, since it has to do with our SUN, Earth changes and our personal Ascension process. The Logos is a template for pure Source consciousness in form, often expressing as stars. Not all stars are a pure expression of the Logos. Some stars are stepped-down in frequency to provide an experience of evolution from separation to oneness. Solaris, our magnificent SUN, is following this transition from sub-logos to Logos. This provides the experience of Christed evolution, reflected in our current Ascension process as embodiment of the Solar Cosmic Christ. The ascended Gaia is on a trajectory to become a spiritual SUN; a Christed planetary platform which affects the galaxy on multiple dimensional levels. The Solar Cosmic Christ, a stellar-based template for the Logos, can be reflected in HUman form.

Into the New Now Year: Upcoming Events, Connections & Co-Creations

Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos: Tuesday, February 6, 2018
John and I prerecorded this interview last week, addressing all of the above topics. It was such a vibrant connection, I AM creating a video version that will be released next week.

Gatekeeper Council Unity Call
Wednesday, February 7th from 5pm – 7pm PT via Zoom

This is our sacred time together to share what is unfolding for 2018. Our intention is to amplify our effectiveness and clarity by unifying during this powerful passage.

We ask that you be consciously, actively participating in the New Earth Grid and Gate systems. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers in service are welcome to listen, share and be supported. Registration and details at https://ascensionpath.thinkific.com/

Photo: A sketch of the phase-locking occurring with the Trinity Stargates.

SUNday Unity Meditations: Creating Peace. Overriding the old paradigm Sunday programming. Expanding Consciousness. All welcome.

A note on the Light Tribe Gathering with Sandra in Sedona (Saturday, April 14): Please purchase your tickets soon, they are going quickly. I AM excited to be present with this High-Vibe tribe!

More upcoming Events, classes and details here: https://sandrawalter.com/events-with-sandra

Newsletter Cleanse: I recently cut a few thousand subscribers from the Newsletter list; just the folks who have not opened it in the last six months. If you are missing it or desire the weekly unedited updates, free tools, photos, videos, articles and event announcements, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/cI2d61

The Divine NOW

With these DNA upgrades and frequencies of radically pure Lovelight, our experience of Divinity becomes consistent. There is nothing here but Peace. Fear and distortion are fleeting. Love is Eternal.

Forgiveness and gratitude have always been strong keys to this evolutionary step of embodiment. Now we begin to understand the Solar Cosmic Christ on a much deeper level. Unity and Peace become our norm, activating the templates of Ascension within Gaia.

We are in service to the collective out of Love. We re-integrate the wisdom of Divine Mother, the strength and protection of Divine Father. We are that unified, integrated parent of the Ascension now. In our Spiritual Maturity, we show the way with gentle, open hearts.

May the highest Christed timeline experience be the predominant reality for all willing hearts. So it is.

In Love, Light and Service,

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