Global Eclipse Meditations: Friday June 5



Let us assist all of HUmanity, Kingdoms, Elementals and beloved Gaia to experience this powerful passage of timeline division, dismantling of old systems and acceleration of the Ascension with as much ease and grace as possible.

Meditation from 12 NOON – 12:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
(Lunar Eclipse at 12:24 PM PDT)

Divine Dispensations from the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light.
Embrace the Great Law of God’s Love, Infinite Light and Ascension in this Now.

Meditations at 2:30 – 3pm PDT & 11:30 – 12 midnight PDT
Solstice peak at 2:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse at 11:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time
(New Moon at 11:40PM PDT)

Major Galactic Convergence, alignment with the Galactic Ecliptic, and a Superwave of Crystalline Light. Ancient Stargates and celestial pathways are opened.

Meditation from 9 pm – 9:44pm PDT
Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse at 9:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

(Full Moon at 9:44 PM PDT)

Unlocking our Sovereign choice to Ascend, right through the Caves of Creation, Living Library of Gaia and our Divine DNA. The next layer of Freedom codes are released through the American crystal beds.

How to Participate

Where: Offline, wherever you are. Be in nature when possible.

How: Set your intention to connect with all Unity Meditators. Open to serve as a pure conduit for peace, harmony, LoveLight and the acceleration of the Ascension. Meditate in your chosen style.

If you don’t meditate, simply hold a peaceful vibration and visualize peace, harmony and unconditional love for all of creation. Pray, tone, create; any spiritual practice which amplifies the higher vibration of Unity Consciousness.

Who: Everyone in Service to Unity Consciousness and Global Peace is welcome! Invite everyone to join in, the more hearts the better.

Collective synchronized mass meditations have scientifically proven positive effects on global consciousness, when we focus on Love in the state of Divine Neutrality.

Practice Builds Spiritual Power: Be the Solution, Right Now

Add the hashtag #sundayunitymeditations to your social media posts to find participants and spread the word.

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In Love, Light and Service,


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