Gateway: Magnetic Shifts and Celebrating Service

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We have entered the Gateway zone yet again. Gatekeepers opened for this passage yesterday, and this energy feels unique. This will be a brief update; sitting at the keyboard is difficult, and I must stay focused since this Gateway is on the highlighted list for the year’s unfoldments.

Cosmic Trigger: Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Stability Required

May 19-21 is our trigger point, with its initial acceleration lasting through the New Moon on Thursday May 25. This Gateway amplifies the magnetic shifts that were caused by the Primary timeline Ascension of Gaia on the 12-12-12. This light is reverberating through the dimensions and densities, and causes crystalline core expansion in Gaia, which in turn causes expansion in our consciousness.

This is why the lower timelines have been dropping, and why the 5D purer frequencies kicked in since the Equinox. The Universal rewrite, commanded from Source itself, is shifting the magnetics of the lower dimensional torus fields and grid systems. You may sense a connection between service of the past (2012) and service in the Now, as the higher trajectory of Ascension vibrates like ripples through the lower realities.

Each of the Gateway adjustments this year has been a palpable experience for the Ascending collective. This Gateway may present a heightened experience of Primary Timeline for many. Feel into the larger perspective; the acceleration of goodness is a complimentary point of focus.

Blessings to the High-Vibe tribe in New Service

This Gateway offers new levels of creative action for Wayshowers, as well as unification with much Higher Levels of Self. In the new non-linear experience, we unify with these states of consciousness. We are focused in these realms for hours a day; it is what it is.

I have witnessed this in private sessions since the Equinox. Many are unifying with very high-level Creator beings, often their own Higher Levels, ushering in higher vibrational Galaxies and Universal expansion. Similar to my own experience, they spend several hours a day unifying with these levels of consciousness, working on multiple non-linear operations.

This state of consciousness defies description, much like unlocking the Cosmic Stargates (which technically are not stargates; more like intergalactic magnetic streams.) Often these levels do not present as form, it is a merging of consciousness with stars, galaxies, dimensions or a purer experience of Source. It also provides a deeper heart-comprehension of how miracles happen outside of time-space.

Applying the multidimensional experience to these lower realities requires trust and surrender. We bring back whatever is applicable, and it takes meditation and time in nature to integrate.

About Last Week; A Message from the Heart

Breathe and receive this in the neutral, peaceful vibration it is delivered. Dismantling of some strong mind-control programs began last Tuesday prior to the Full Moon. This is a very delicate operation, since removal of those programs can cause dramatic shifts in the magnetics of the planet, as well as the magnetics in the brain. Quite frankly, the uninterrupted experience of your own thoughts, emotions, and the current light level would have deep psychological effects. This *psychological fallout of the Shift* has been a high concern for decades.

We understand Wayshowers get hit with the testing first, to see how the collective reacts. The initial feedback was evident; Wayshowers getting ill, emotional, and technology going out of synch, however we restabilized within a week.

Note this a gentle operation slowly unfolding, with this initial release as prep for the powerful August gateway. More on that soon. This service takes high-level neutrality, please avoid forcing the agenda in any way, as that does not serve the stability of Gaia’s magnetic grids, nor the collective’s state of consciousness at this time.

Be responsible with this intel, Beloveds. Keep yourself clear and make no assumptions. Continue to command the removal of all which inhibits HUmanity or the Ascension in a negative way. NOTE: Your emotional state or challenges last week cannot be blamed on this operation, that would be inaccurate and very disempowering.

Everyone must take full responsibility for their own reaction to the Light as it increases. The faster you release your beliefs about control systems having any effect on your consciousness, the faster we release those systems. As always, it is up to us to un-create disharmony on this planet. Source-in-carnate DNA is built for creating the New.

The entire year of 2017 is a multi-level operation to reveal the truth of the dimensional split. The current Gateway is very strong, a much higher frequency which must be stabilized by peaceful, centered conduits.

Celebration: Five years in Mount Shasta, One year of Unity Meditations!

I AM honored to be celebrating my five-year Shasta-versary this day, along with the first anniversary of our global Unity Meditations. Intentions to create new videos were overwhelmed by Gatework, it’s just too transformative of a passage to spend hours filming and editing at the computer. The energy coming in is very stimulating and creative, and the new trajectory/highest timeline rules moment-by-moment endeavors. So it is. We choose to stay open and focused through the New Moon.

Celebrate this Gateway ~ Join me and Lauren Galey for a live online retreat on SUNday, May 21 at 11am PT. We will provide a live guided Unity Meditation experience, designed specifically for this Gateway, during the 11:11am Unity Meditation. Afterward there will be an Ascension update and live Q&A. Please Register HERE.

To everyone in Service; Let us use this Gateway to its fullest capacity. Our New skills overwhelm the remnants of old self, old realities, old beliefs. May we co-create global peace, harmony, stability and pure LoveLight for everyone choosing the Ascension experience.

In Love, Light and Service,

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