February Light, Love and Clarity

The upcoming week holds many opportunities for acceleration of the Ascension process. If you have done your homework and prepared well, February is going to be amazing.

Energies may have felt very strange last month because we were – and still are – adjusting to Zero Point time. This is why so many felt like everything stopped in January; barely any movement forward. If you attempted to plan things, you may have felt like forces were working to keep you in a stand still or suspended state. If you surrendered to it, life was much easier.

The end of linear time brings us to examine ourselves without the illusion. Time screeches to a halt and we’re left with the beauty of revelation – facing what we have created. January was deeply personal when it came to beliefs, fears, illusions. An absolutely brilliant month for Mastery. Linear time’s shadow gets recreated by the collective, so it may feel a bit like getting off an amusement park ride. The ride is over but you still feel it. Perceiving the truth without the veils takes balance and alignment with this higher vibration.

We continue to transform the body vehicle and awareness, now supported by the ease and grace of a rapidly amplifying 5D reality. We are welcoming the infinite Self to walk right in, which means walking away from everything that does not compliment our journey anymore. Those who are clear will feel how absurd it is to dwell on the past or engage in anything that has to do with that ancient entity we called “fear”. Those in the last stages of preparation have soul-group type contracts present – in our Mastery we can now graciously decline any kind of kharmic nonsense. It’s over, let’s all get on with the new, shall we?

The collective sense of anticipation is accurate for this week’s accelerations. February is already delivering the 5D blissy frequencies, filling up the space that we cleared along this long path to Ascension. This is a great payoff month for Masters. DMT is kicking in – the natural kind – which can leave you grinning all day long. Gratitude is on overdrive. The love – oh my goodness – I AM so in love with everything, everyone. Unity consciousness is supreme light intelligence, and now we understand why.

Opening of the Solar stargates

Preparation and pure intention are keys to the Equinox gateway. Many experiences will be available, and February is the start of that splintering of timelines I’ve been talking about. Now that we’re moving out of the tightest squeeze of the vortex – the light on the other side is becoming crystalline clear. And it is brilliant – realize that there is absolutely no darkness out there at all.

Some consolidation to the folks who ask about the bad guys, let me share: 1. there are no bad guys, it was all of us, all the time  (Scooby-Doo ending, folks) and 2. Zero point will take care of anyone attempting to manipulate or control the external; the big boomerang of quantum physics will land right in their chest. Understand that every HUman has the crystalline light within; what you create with it dominates your experience. While the light tribe feels the opening of grand solar light in our heart centers, others may be unconsciously smothering it with their own creations. This is what the old prophecies misinterpreted as judgment – it looks like a very rough path for those choosing service-to-self.

Kindwhile, back in 5D …

Adjustments may include huge expansion sensations in the chest, heat, golden light visions, star or Sun-birthing visions through the heart, tightness in the high heart or feeling like you can’t take a deep breath, thymus fluttering, burning eyes, singing ears, leg and arm zings, more head shape changes, sharp poking sensations or pressure in the skull, and blasts of 5D bliss radiating out of your heart center. Throbbing or vibration through the spine, disc by disc, is associated with golden solar disc activation. That is just the physical sensations, and I don’t need to repeat how vital it is to keep the body clear, calm and rested. Let’s move on to the multidimensional symptoms.

Multidimensional clarity

If you are attuning your perception to life without the veils, things are getting fun. And crowded. You may feel yourself dissolving into the higher dimension and witnessing just how many beings and brethren share the same space. For the record, the compression during the astral collapse crushes 4D and 5D together. This is what makes it an opportune moment to Ascend with the physical. Your room might feel a bit like a crowded elevator at night as you begin to see and interact with the higher realms in a very direct way.

Interaction goes smoothly unless the body vehicle freaks out. Train the body to be calm as we change our perception – fear instantly lowers you out of that realm. Just as we comforted the body consciousness through the physical adjustments, now we comfort it through the metaphysical adjustments.

I AM starting to see parallel activities between my higher Ascended Self and this expression. I should do a video on this because it is so brilliant to me. When I merge and take a look at what I AM doing on the new expression of Gaia, my Ascended Self is creating integration centers to welcome newly ascended HUmans to their new experience. There are three structures that serve as stages of post-transcendence; one for complete integration of the physical lower self, one for healing and vibrational adjustment to the new dimension and the third is an orientation center, like a concierge station to the new planet.

So just as my mission down here is about integrating the higher frequencies and merging up, my Higher self is assisting with the integration of a lower expression and aligning with the new experience. Very similar services, and my Higher Self is in council on how to create these structures with the brand new frequencies and pure creation available. I checked with a few of my other expressions and this role is mirrored in many of them. Apparently there is a through-line in the multidimensional self, which makes sense since this is a unique aspect of Source that I AM exploring.

Some may be experiencing the heart-center-as-star sensations. It feels overwhelming sometimes; the grace, love and light is magnificent. The Sun gods, return of the Kryst, all of this is birthed through the heart. The core of your beingness is gold – the HUman genome and all of its codes and templates reflect that, however the heart center is the only place this magnificence can enter through. Any other organ, chakra or system is incapable of bringing in that higher light. It’s like a safety mechanism – that frequency can only come through an open conduit – a heart aligned with the highest interests of all concerned.

As February delivers supreme light frequencies, breathe them in. Welcome forth the Master, the Crystalline consciousness. Share your gifts ~ we now get to show Humanity what is possible.


About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.