Embodiment: How to Lose Your Mind without Losing Your Mind – Part III

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The Solstice Gateway is well underway. I AM sure many of you are experiencing the increase in revelation/expansion activity. We graciously arrive at the midway point between the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gates, halfway through this year of Mastery. We witness our transformation and make adjustments as Solstice turns up the intensity. The acceleration has a momentum of its own, which is driven by Cosmic forces. For our own cognition, emotional stability, and determination to complete the task at hand, we focus on the frequencies of Divine Love which support embodiment.

Feel into the HUman heart grid; there are many of us experiencing the profound, the bizarre, and the indescribable during this phase. I won’t get into my personal experiences here. It is the unspoken which unifies us right now. Remember it is a phase, a right of passage. Saturate your consciousness with the Divine experience.

Gateway passages are opportunities; they accelerate the advancement of our personal Ascension goals. Be true to your own path. When introspective, quiet engagement is required (or requested by the Higher Self/Higher Realms), honor it. If you are guided to gather (not out of habit, tradition, or beliefs), honor it. Personally, I desire stillness for deep exploration of what is occurring in my consciousness.

A Message on Embodiment

As you enter the higher levels of your transfiguration, you may feel a unity with those who have embodied the Solar Cosmic Christ in the past. Those are the templates anchored by your predecessors. In the Now Ascension, note the uniqueness of your experiences. You reflect a new command from Source which is penetrating every particle of this Universe. As you navigate your way through the energetic barriers between 4D and 5D, between the Lower Self and Higher Self, between the old experience and the new light creation, you bravely embrace the unknown. As always, the new energies and higher light is easily received in a calm, relaxed state of beingness. Breathe.

It is important to note how anxiety was used, and continues to be used, as a way to block higher consciousness. Heart-based discernment selects what to engage with in this new light. If your Ascension goal is embodiment of the crystalline consciousness, use your higher wisdom (especially) over the next four months. Avoid agendas which feed on vulnerability, emotions, or doubt. It can be a tenuous phase as you embrace the unknown. It may require some gentle protection on your part. Honor the larger mission at hand.

Personal and planetary spiritual victories are won by aligning with the spiritual forces of Divine Will and Divine Love; pure Source Light radiating through a pure conduit. Gratitude to all who are receiving the new light with HUmility, grace, and heart-based intention. You have become a vital pathway for global transformation, and your courage is honored.

How to Lose Your Mind without Losing Your Mind – Part III

The Filters between 4D and 5D

You Higher consciousness explores many realms, many dimensions. However, the body and (projection of) the lower Self is in the midst of transcending the personal and planetary veils. The energetic filters between 4D and 5D become more acute during Ascension. The here-and-not-here sensation, walking between worlds, the in this world but not of it state have become the norm. Multidimensional merge sequences present us with more Divine aspects, more of the multidimensional Self, and yet we are still transforming the consciousness within the body vehicle. The focus is on embodiment right now; a clear moment of pure intention is enough to permanently anchor oneself at a new level of expansion.

The filters are there for a reason. The resonation of the 5D torus field is completely anchored in Divine Love. Nothing less can merge with that field. There is no pretending or pretension. Your passkey is a heart free of insecurities, belief systems, controls, manipulations, and programs of the old light. Your free will is honored, so if you find yourself lingering or experiencing anxiety, so be it. It is not a race, even though it may appear that many Wayshowers are dropping the keys behind them as they pass through the filters. That is just the role, beloveds. It is a fascinating passage.

Fear of the Self as Source: The Safety Mechanism

When we reach deeper and more expansive states of the heart center – our connection to Source – we confront the void of Zero Point. In the process of the Solar Cosmic Christ, we first experience the pushing sensation (lightbody merge), then heat and radiation through the heart (burning off of density, activation), and then we hit a stage when the Heart center feels empty, like a black hole singularity, or a Universal core (because it is).

Moving through this space brings us to the birth of our new consciousness. It is the point at which we feel the Higher Self actively rewriting our beingness. It can trigger fear of the unknown. You may feel as if you are disappearing. This is not the airy, carefree beingness of a good meditation. Rather it is a very strong face-to-face-with-permanent change sensation. Everyone on this path will have moments of this during embodiment. We discussed this and comforted each other on this month’s connection call; it is a startling sensation, even for advanced meditators who have been to the edge before.

The jolt back from that experience is not failure. It is a built-in safety mechanism, which allows us to choose whether or not to move forward. Sometimes the body vehicle will flinch, the mind or emotions will cause a sudden reaction that withdraws you from the meditation, back from the edge, and this is purposeful. Our free-will choices grow more profound along this journey. We are confronted with a permanent shift in consciousness, which can be accepted or rejected as many times as needed. You may feel the rewrite begin, then withdraw. Little by little, the shift is made. Remember your psychological stability is important; we are showing HUmanity what is possible when embodying Divine Love. Pace yourself.

There is also something else at work here; the fear of Source-as-Self: the New Self. Many of us have had multiple incarnations when we attained a connection to Source. We are familiar with the energy and power of that Divinity. It was comfortable, we knew what it felt like. May the Source be with You.

Now in this incarnation, we are met with Source’s new agenda for this Universe. When we get to Zero Point in those expansive Heart meditations where we reconnect with Source, we feel the new command for purification, divinity, and the shift in consciousness. When the lower Self and body consciousness senses the New creation emanating through Source, Source itself can feel unfamiliar. This can be disconcerting to the lower levels, and commonly we are yanked out of that state by fear, anxiety, or doubt. No worries, beloveds. You get as many opportunities as you need to come face-to-face with Source in the Universal rewrite, and allow it to change you. This seems to be the last big challenge of our Mastery and embodiment. It is different from the past, because the entire platform for our experience has changed.

Our Creative Evolution

Understand that an Ascension process of this type, ascending the consciousness up and out of the densest experience of separation, is an activity of absolute faith and trust. We help each other, we unify in purpose, however the inner work is ours alone to complete.

We are becoming a race of true Creator-in-Carnates. This process rewards us with the ability to create something out of nothing; creating out of the pure void, just as Source does. Source does not operate with an audience, or any external validation or influence. This is the purpose of this grand experiment in density; to create a genome which carries so much similarity to Source Light Intelligence that it is capable of creating in complete isolation via faith in Divine Love. We become capable of birthing creations which are not influenced by external agendas. This may be a good topic to meditate on during the passages when you feel isolated. It is purposeful. It may seem ironic to call it Unity consciousness, however I AM confident you will sense how the illusion of separation is creating Divine Unity. It also adds another level to the Feminine (the infinite space of consciousness) and Masculine (the activity of creation) balancing act. Brilliant.

The Death of Coping Mechanisms

The current energies aimed at prepared vessels are (obviously) quite stimulating in that 5D sleepy, spacey, expansive way. They are reflected in physical side-effects as the vagus nerve becomes attuned to its new purpose. This is why the ear/head tones become louder and more complex, the heart center is triggered (palpitations), and the lower diaphragm begins to build new structures to support the crystalline consciousness (changes in appetite). You may notice on some days (not all) that the light-encoded photons coming through the SUN can make your arms, chest and head feel prickly; it can be quite uncomfortable. Avoid charging the lightbody too long when this occurs. The new light seeks receptive places – crystalline structures – to anchor. Vibration = vibration. The physical side-effects are what they are. Take care.

The focus is on crystalline embodiment to compliment the dimensional Shift. As the energetic filters become finer, the lower consciousness may get entangled by beliefs, habits, and coping mechanisms from deep within the subconscious. You may have noticed that things which used to entertain, assist, or provide comfort no longer work. This is a good indication of your progress, however please take note that revisiting old coping mechanisms will cause discomfort or distress at this juncture.

Rather than attempt to find another coping mechanism, get to know your new Self. It is a beautiful time to discover what complements your new creation. When you strike upon what pleases the new Self, you will feel joy, gratitude, and a sense of tranquility. The new activity will be related to creativity, service, and nature, as those are in alignment with 5D dynamics. Keep it simple and authentic, this is not a passage of busy-ness.

The Solstice Gateway

The merge sequences, which allow for a conscious experience of embodiment, will become stronger as Solstice intentions amplify. While 2015 has a consistent momentum of ever-increasing intensity, there are markers/triggers in place to assist us as a global collective. Solstice is one of those markers.

Focus is our task during Solstice. Personally, I will be remote for this Gateway. The Galactics are very present, it is Summer in Shasta, and the desire for total focus is overwhelming. Something very different is occurring, and I AM guided to get in the Gateways and stay there as this new level of light enters.

We unify in the intention of Divine Love and tap into the HUman heart grid for strength, comfort, and inspiration. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, we will be surging the new light level through the crystal beds and every crystal placed upon Gaia in service to the pure and true Ascension. It will amplify crystalline structures within the body; be out in nature and available to transmit/receive if you can. Plant or place your crystals now, and feel free to participate in the global intention of Divinity. Let us unify with those on the path of embodiment, in the highest interests of all concerned. So be it!

In Love, Light and Service,
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