Divine Neutrality Month: Week Three

Blessings Beloveds ~

Gratitude to all participating in the activation of collective Divine Neutrality this month.

Below are the third week’s written posts (no videos will be posted here). Thank you for affecting collective outcomes by doing the good inner work in this Now.

Divine Neutrality is a core tool for Divine Perfection and Ascension: the proper qualification and use of life force energy. ⁠

Stay open, avoid the polarization game. Divine Neutrality probably isn’t what you think it is. ⁠

There are many aspects and applications of this practice, and we will be walking through them this month on my Instagram:

It is a Mastery skill. Foundational practices are necessary part of any Ascension journey. If you are new to this level, welcome. Observe. Listen, learn, and apply as needed. ⁠

Qualify the Light

The Christ/Kryst/Crystalline/Unity frequency is organic living light: information that creates coherent realities

Becoming a Divinely Neutral conductor of the Light improves perception of organic frequencies and Divine Truth.

You are personally responsible for your Light and creations.

Align in the neutral Heart.

Call forth and amplify the Crystalline light in your heart, fields and body.

Neutrality heals, it is the zero point from which Source can shine and self-correct all distortions.

Train the Heart

Divine Neutrality brings expansive clarity and Freedom.

To truly comprehend how this changes everything, we need to practice.

The photonic, coherent light rays and plasma will grow quite intense. It will change our realities.

We are walking through the experience of a dimensional shift. Dissolving the old realms is apparent and palpable.

All are presented with Soul integrity choice points.

The light amplifies revelation and best use of life force for all.

This is why protecting freedom of choice, body sovereignty, and the integrity of the soul’s journey is so present in the collective journey right now.

Creating harmony, balance, equanimity in your self affects the collective.

Everything you do affects the whole. This is a return to unified awareness.

We practice now – not putting off a choice point for an event down the timeline.

Until Divine Neutrality reveals your pure conduit self, assist your Heart in becoming an open Stargate of Source.

Train your heart and fields to be in optimal coherent condition during this phase.

Walk the middle path of non-judgment and compassion. Stand in your Divinity, open and kind, and apply higher choices in the moment.

Divine Neutrality Webinar Replay

If this topic excites your heart, the full Divine Neutrality webinar replay is available. The second half of the webinar on Vibrational Dissonance will not be shared on social media due to its uncensored content. Visit https://www.AscensionPath.com⁠

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