Divine Neutrality Month: Week One

Blessings Beloveds ~

Gratitude to all participating in the activation of collective Divine Neutrality this month.

Below are the first week’s written posts (no videos will be posted here). Thank you for affecting collective outcomes by doing the good inner work in this Now.

Divine Neutrality is a core tool for Divine Perfection and Ascension: the proper qualification and use of life force energy. ⁠

Stay open, avoid the polarization game. Divine Neutrality probably isn’t what you think it is. ⁠

There are many aspects and applications of this practice, and we will be walking through them this month on my Instagram:

It is a Mastery skill. Foundational practices are necessary part of any Ascension journey. If you are new to this level, welcome. Observe. Listen, learn, and apply as needed. ⁠

Divine Neutrality is Freedom

Freedom to make your own sovereign heart-based choices based on core truths, and highest outcomes. Sometimes we don’t engage at all. It frees us from duality.⁠

If our goal is to amplify the Ascension frequencies, to become the Kryst/Christ/Crystalline/Unity Frequency and amplify the New Earth realms on behalf of all, we must use this frequency properly. ⁠

We increase Source LoveLight and zero point energies which automatically override and overwrite distortions.⁠

This frees us from entanglement in duality.⁠

Becoming a Clear Conduit

The Christed state, I AM Presence, Crystalline Consciousness, the Kryst Frequency is the inclusive state of intense Divine love that does not judge.

We can attune our Crystalline structures, DNA and our Hearts to this state through the practice of Divine Neutrality.

#Ascension is about expansion. We can expand through Divine Neutrality.

The body is designed to adapt, to change, to ascend.

Our higher consciousness animates the body vehicle. It directs the flow of pure Source light through it.

The body becomes more crystalline during this era of photonic and plasma bombardment. It is capable of emanating this higher frequency light. This becomes more powerful as we transition to a silica-based form.

We lose this power when we judge.

The higher frequency is distorted, not as effective.

We are not conducting our higher Presence, rather we are swayed by polarization and lower level constructs which thrive on that energy.

The Ascended form is a very different vibration.

Ascension begins with a choice to explore Triality, the Divine Trinity, the return of the Christed/Crystalline/Kryst state.

We set our pure heart-based intention to embody this Higher Presence, to become a conduit of Divine Will.

We pursue non-judgment in all of its applications. Divine Neutrality as a path to Freedom.

Freedom from polarized consciousness which limits our expansion.

Alchemy of Presence

The Alchemy of Presence may be attained through practicing Divine Neutrality.

We are a much stronger director of Crystalline photonic Light and Frequency when we engage in true alchemy.

We stand in the GodSource Presence that is eternal love. Inclusive. Wise. Seeking Expansion and Creation.

This Source light holds the frequency of perfection, creation, expansion, and love that dissolves and transmutes distortion – automatically rewriting polarization into balance.

This assists with alchemy; shifting from one form to another; from density to a conduit of pure light.

We become a stronger director of that energy as a clear conduit.

The Ultimate Shielding Technique

Divine neutrality is the ultimate shielding technique.

And it doesn’t involve a shield at all.

Nothing gets into our fields without a dualistic reaction: fear, judgment, distortion. We choose what to engage with, moment by moment.

Divine Neutrality allows us to pull back to the Cosmic Perspective, the Presence perspective.

From this space of the Heart and Higher Consciousness, we make better choices about what to engage with.

Sometimes we don’t engage at all. (No co-creation, no polarity).

When distortion or triggers present, they are easily transmuted because Heart coherence and neutrality are flowing through your fields.

Nothing sticks.

It takes practice. Start right Now. Be attuned to your reactions, emotions, feelings, thoughts.

De-normalize judgment in your own lifestream. Show the way, the truth and the Life.

Don’t embody external conflict. There is enough internal conflict to transmute in this process.

Remember that Miracles happen out of time constructs, out of polarized consciousness, in the field of Divine Neutrality.

We create a clear field, the clear Crystalline Stargate of the Heart by practicing depolarization.

⁠Divine Neutrality Webinar Replay

If this topic excites your heart, the full Divine Neutrality webinar replay is available. I will be sharing clips during our focus series. The second half of the webinar on Vibrational Dissonance will not be shared on social media due to its uncensored content. Visit https://www.AscensionPath.com⁠

Stargate Crystals class begins SUNday, October 10

Our Stargate course begins this weekend. A unique journey with the Crystalline realms, and accessing the organic Stargate systems. Details at https://www.AscensionPath.com

Strong Gateway ahead

We open on Friday for the October 11-17 Stargate alignment. Best to be clear and focused on the amplification of Divine LoveLight. Out on the land. A good time for a cleansing fast as we shed a few more veils.

See you on SUNday for the Unity Meditations!

In Love, Light and Service,

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