Death, Activation, and Birthing Stars

Blessings Beloveds ~

Here we glow: After the deep purge of the eclipse passage, we find ourselves entering a fresh stargate alignment. More expansion (keep going, it doesn’t slow down), and new sensations activating our Crystalline senses.

If you witnessed the eclipse this week, you may have noticed the freedom codes flowing with a mystical quality … like watching the realities shift from many multidimensional angles. A true heart-opener.

As I watched the eclipse, I remembered our Crystalline Convergence group watching the last eclipse in May, unified in silence together on the red rocks. The sensation of unity was just as strong this week; all of us ushering in new states of consciousness, together.

Most eclipse passages are both an opportunity and preparation; the shedding of old, and purification through interdimensional energies. Resolution opens doorways for revelation of the New Heart; the higher functions of the Crystalline-Solar gateways within.

November Stargate alignments benefit both Gaia and our Crystalline-Solar hearts: Gaia’s crystalline core is entering a new phase of birthing her star-like qualities.

This changes the experience of anyone with activated Crystalline structures, a coherent Diamond-Solar Heart, and activated Crystalline DNA. To exist in the new realms of Gaia, which operate like a Spiritual star, we become star-like; the Golden Race.

The Crystalline frequencies flow like liquid light through our systems, both internal and external, creating a new experience in form.

Heart-centered living allows us to integrate and be at peace with these changes … and be conduits of calm as energies grow more intense for the collective.

Death of the Old Self, Old Structures

Being in a body during a planetary, Galactic, and Universal realm-shift (dimensional shift) from one state of being to another is a Divine experience. Challenging of course, however the front-row seat as an awakened and Ascending being is worth the effort.

All of us are being prepared for an intensity of light, revelation, and rapid change in 2023. One of the themes for next year that is already presenting is death.

You may have noticed small groups of people departing lately. Physical deaths are anticipated, however the death of our past Self is quite evident. Distorted egoic, mental, and emotional structures collapse. Their transformation to supportive new systems takes time. The surreal in-between can be celebrated or made into an issue, depending on your personal choice.

Death is simply transformation. Best advice: Witness and feel the release of the old Self. Meditate with your Crystalline Heart on the truest, highest trajectory for your new journey as a Divine Presence in these realms.


Global 11.11 meditation wave for peace and Ascension at 11AM your time.

Our November Stargate Alignment: Strong realm-shifting influx anticipated for this November Gateway. Focus on positive outcomes, Connect with Gaia through grid and gatework. Ascension energies amplified for revelation of the New, True Self.

Beyond the Ordinary with Sandra and John Burgos
Free live broadcast at 12noon PST + replays

Sedona Starseed Summit
Featuring Matt Kahn, Sandra Walter, & Alex Mazzone
Live event in Sedona (no livestream).


– Meditation, meditation, meditation. Feel and witness what is happening in Zero Point stillness. Join us for the Global SUNday Unity Meditations during this passage.

– Fast: A day or three of water-only fasting can reset your DNA and allow the body to recalibrate. Use your discernment and investigate proper procedure if this is new to you.
 Detox to shed the old.

– Become the Presence, making highest choices moment to moment

– Movement to get the meridians flowing the new frequencies. Earthing, yoga, walking in nature, dance, etc.

– Get good sleep. Rest and more rest. Much is happening in our sleep.

– Hydration: Magnetic shifts and Solar activity cause dehydration. Water (plasma) is an interstellar delivery system for light codes. Drink plenty of water. Get into natural bodies of water (or snow piles!) when available.

– SUNgaze (safely) or walk in the morning light to receive the NEW Crystalline Light Intelligence flowing in the SUNrise codes.
 SUNset is a weaker version, you’ll notice the difference. Solaris (the SUN) will let you know when the light is too intense for gazing or SUN-bathing/charging. Feel it!

– Open your Heart: Gratitude, Love, Divine Neutrality, Forgiveness, and Compassion keep us on the higher trajectory.

We are coming up on a very Sacred Solstice (oh, these flying time constructs). The December-January optimum spiritual transformation passage is near. The veils are down, and possibilities open up. Focus on your chosen reality outcome right Now, and the energy will assist you in that creation.

As always, we utilize the energies in this Now, rather than waiting for them to change us.

Mastery: Maintain the Cosmic Perspective

Stay close to your Source-Self during this passage. Meditate. Pray and hold ceremony on the Land. Keep the heart-scale feather-light. Express the emerging Divine Self in thought, feeling, word, action, and creation

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


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