Crystalline Grid Amplification: The Now Preparations

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our sacred passage of the August Gateway (August 3 – 25) will be stepping up in intensity as Gatekeepers unite on SUNday July 30 for a global amplification/opening for this powerful passage. Join the Unity Meditations on SUNday to connect with this activity and the highest intentions of peace, acceleration and Ascension. We welcome every heart in service to unify in this field of Pure Light to assist the global collective.

The Cosmic Trigger last SUNday, which involved the Cosmic Stargates for the third time this year, sent a massive Solar blast toward Mars. Interaction with these stargates will pick up in August. Remember this is a Universe-wide operation utilizing massive influxes of Divine Intervention and Divine LoveLight.

The Now Preparations

I AM about to begin my mostly-offline time, to focus on Gatekeeping and transformation into the next levels of embodiment. Updates will be posted as they present. It is time to go deep into transformation mode and surrender to the New. Perhaps this will inspire others to do the same. Let the Light change you; create the space for metamorphosis.

Remember the passage BEFORE the eclipse – the Now preparations – are key to our service during this passage. We have the Lion’s Gate (8/8) and another Cosmic Trigger passage August 11-13. Let us focus on amplification of New Light Now, so the eclipse can do what it can do best; co-create with Divine Will.

Gateway Clarity on Preparation

Many are asking where to be on the eclipse … this is your personal choice, Beloveds. If you are not feeling the knock-out upgrades, you may be capable of handling eclipse travel traffic. Give yourself a full day before and day after if you are guided to anchor at a specific location, or the path of totality. Personally I AM more focused on the next three weeks of preparation.

Energetically, it is a global event. Read this lengthy article on receiving our Christed crowns, the Lemurian-Atlantean connections, resolution in the Higher Realms, and the global unification effect of crossing the United States. Yes careful readers, the coronation aspect is preparation for the esoteric alignment in September. As always, we receive these activations to prepare the HUman heart grid for what is ahead.

The August Gateway video reviews timeline structure and the eclipse path, so Gridworkers may prepare the land, ancient sites, crystal beds, etc. (no matter where you live) to receive the highest levels of light.

Timeline bifurcation is already in progress; this is not something which occurs in a day, or during an eclipse. Breathe, relax and maintain stability on behalf of the collective. A large part of the Ascension timeline equation is the collective Light Tribe consciousness. Support the global detox through your own high-vibe thoughts, words, deeds and service. Balance the collective anxiety (lower timelines quivering at the moment) with the absolute knowing of Divine Love.

The consistent message of preparation indicates we might be deep in transformation as August unfolds. Those who serve as conduits to the Primary timelines of Ascension will need to surrender completely. Allow the expanded states of consciousness, DNA stimulation, rest periods, creative revelation, bliss, timeline-detachment clearings, and influxes of light as they present.

The beautiful states of Zero Point which continue to overwrite the lower consciousness become more refined and intensely transformative. Acknowledge it. Meditate. Source and the Higher realms are listening through you.

As always, a pure true organic Ascension is an act of Divine Service to all. Revisit your intentions; the vibrational match of forgiveness, gratitude, service, unity and unconditional Love are key to leveling up everyone. Reflect the highest intent in your lifestream and align with the vibration of solution, creativity, Divine Love, and embodiment of your Highest Self.

Gridwork Basics Video and Text

Many requested Gridwork guidance, so I have released an excerpt from Ascension Path which addresses Crystalline Gridwork basics. It includes a written outline to assist your expression in effective amplification. We welcome you to participate in this sacred endeavor of Divine Service.

Now is the perfect moment to connect with a higher level of expression; we are all shifting roles as the New Templates of Self and DNA fully activate. Watch the video, read the instructions carefully, then follow your Heart guidance in the Highest interests of all concerned with Ascension.

See you on SUNday for the Unity Meditations and Gateway activation. Sending you Divine Love, strength and empowerment for a profound August Gateway!

In Love, Light and Service,

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Gridwork Basics


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