Crystalline Codons: Completing the Bridge

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

There is a beautiful inner calm permeating this phase of embodiment. Heightened lightbody activations and ever-increasing core frequencies of Gaia have us buzzing, leveling up and opening our hearts wide. Even with the environmental shifts many are experiencing (wildfires, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.), we maintain this Divine Light of Source stepping forth to transform these lower realities.

Crystalline Rainbow Codons: Completing the Bridge

During the eclipse passage when Solaris shifted to a new trajectory, we were able to activate the crystalline bridges – the rainbow bridges – within the collective Divine HUman DNA templates. In vision, they look like shimmering 5D rainbow codons in the Golden-Diamond DNA strands. Activation causes a pineal DMT flood at first, so your visions may be active (and entertaining).

In the past these codes were symbolized as a rainbow serpent, rainbow feathers, rainbow bridge, etc.  Once you see the DNA strands light up with these codes, those images make sense.

These DNA codes work in tandem with the crystalline bridge stargates to New Earth (and beyond), like a key to a doorway. As above, so below. As within, so without. Always.

Since DNA responds to your intentions, thoughts and voice, call these crystalline-rainbow bridge codes forth for your journey. Turn them on, light them up, and pay attention to the shift in your visions and intuition. Gatekeepers consciously surge these codes through the collective during the SUNday Unity Meditations, making them available for all willing hearts.

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers may receive the *We are complete* message while working with Gaia. In my experience, this occurs every six months or so when a major milestone has been reached. However, we are also working in a reality that is crumbling, so heed the message if you get obsessed with trying to fix the distortion, rather than create the new. Our skills and services are shifting this year, so when this message of completion presents, it may indicate a shift in your service work.

Also remember the message, *Don’t watch it burn. Move on to creating the New.* Powerful advice as the wildfires burn this Summer.

The Crystalline Bridges and associated DNA codes are activated through the New Earth and Crystalline Grid systems. Pull them into your territory, your heart, your DNA. Meditate outside with the intent to receive the highest activation possible for you in this moment.

Migration of Realities

Note how different things feel at the moment. There is a distinct moment-before sensation, as we have a strong Gate opening next week (August 29). Timelines sort themselves out as we release lesser trajectories, false timelines, and the events intended to prevent embodiment. Distortions and distractions are what they are; we recommend not engaging with that level of consciousness, as it has its own trajectory in this now.

A new level of pure consciousness is being anchored into the HUman collective by embodiers right now. Embodiment has a quantum effect on our Ascension. As more of us move into embodiment, Gaia and the New Earth may reveal itself to more of the collective.

This is a humble, pure state of consciousness. It holds great power for reunifying the multidimensional self, fractal by fractal, as revelation returns. The *I AM Source* state, or Christ consciousness, requires adjustments to the lightbody, personal trajectory, and ascending collective. It is easy to feel *Lost in Love* during this phase. Embodiers will sway lesser conversation from drama to Divinity, or walk away quietly. Forgiveness and gratitude are second nature.

Our Solar-crystalline DNA vibrates (spins) much faster, allowing the cells to be light-encoded with sacred geometric patterns of perfection. While many experience the overlay of the Gaia 5D/7D/9D creation, the crystalline Gateways to that reality are accessed by unified collective agreement. We migrate realities through our unified numbers, to reveal the Ascended Gaia and her timelines of peace, abundance and creativity.

Faith restores our original unity with Source; faith in the infinite Creator. We live the metaphor of resurrection. This is a cognizant realization, a conscious choice of the Ascension process to experience Source-as-Self within. We resurrect into the risen, new self which knows itself and all of creation as God.

Apply Multidimensional awareness to Everything.

As the energies deconstruct and dismantle the illusion, we gain the higher truth of Unity Consciousness. Source resurrects itself through us, through this grand experiment of separation and reuninfication.

Speak from your Higher truth, show up as your Higher Self in all situations.

An activated heart has more influence on collective outcomes. Your words, thoughts and actions create and support realities; use them wisely. Deny distorted creations any energetic amplification. Remember the So It Is and keep your intentions on track.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture as Gaia amplifies with the new frequency. Remember big, multidimensional you as the lower realities deconstruct, clear and purify. Lightworkers are spread out for balance and effectiveness; the uptick in physical shifts and elemental adjustments demonstrates why this grid-like dispersion is necessary.

Full Moon Meditations and Gateway Openings

The Full Moon occurs SUNday, August 26 at 4:58am PDT, a nice boost to our SUNday Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PDT.  This moon week is transformative, since many levels of the illusion are steadily collapsing and releasing influence on the higher timelines since the eclipse window.

Our Cosmic Stargate opens August 29, so Gatekeepers and Gridworkers will be opening and preparing as the Full Moon occurs. Please join us in these unified activities.

May all beings know peace, Divine Love and unity by our example. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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