Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part Two

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our Easter cathedra, which seems so distant in this Now state, anchored the powerful Solar flare frequencies last weekend. Our first SUNday meditation was incredibly strong. Between the Divine Light encodements from SUNrise ceremony on the mountain and the surge of Source codes through the field, I wept through the whole first meditation with gratitude and activation.

The Sacred Marriage

Our Sacred marriage is presenting; the Divine Merge of Higher and Lower Self as a consistent experience. This is Embodiment; becoming the Christed Self. The current sensations of deep peace and Divine Presence are very much a part of this merge. Honor this intense love, balance, and desire to be at peace. Have faith, this purging-merging phase is quite purposeful.

Lucid dreams continue to indicate both individual and collective triggers for activating the crystalline bridges to New Earth. That is why this series is named as such; Stargate interaction is revealing global activations of the Divine alchemical marriage. Embodiment for the High-Vibe Tribe, awareness of these balancing frequencies in the awakened, and introspection for many unawakened. The shifting of Gaia’s magnetic grids with the Equinox influx affects our personal magnetics, and the old polarities break apart both internally and externally. Lean into the Solar winds, it can feel almost romantic to feel Source in this clear way again.

Remember that the higher vibration holds more sway over the lower realities. This is a passage to fully realize your Creator State of Consciousness and deliver the New Light with all of its Divine gifts for HUmanity.

As the energies transform and align us with the deep peace of Christ/Crystalline/Unity states, we will emerge from this phase of introspection with fully activated heart centers. It continues to feel more avatar-like, like being here and not being here, which is our renewed awareness of the holographic realities. As we Master the merge, we are capable as One unified force of Source to shift realities very quickly. We will be playing with this at the Sedona Light Tribe Gathering on Saturday April 14; join us if you can.

Lightbody Evolution

Our lightbodies are shifting and expanding to accommodate our evolution. Chakra systems purify and merge to support a new projection of Self. These higher frequencies of Source codes, which feels like the purest diamond-crystalline-Christ Light we can fathom, triggers our DNA to obey the Higher Self, the higher trajectory of Ascension. With the recent influx, the Source code is triggering the 5D New Earth as a palpable reality for all willing hearts.

During the merge of embodiment, DNA remembers the future creation of that Primary timeline in this Now. Future Self, Past Self, Now Self all unify; this intensifies as Solaris activates powerful Zero Point triggers. This is unfolding right now. The flashing in your Ascension column is the direct reflection of the Solar flashing activity already in progress.

Our DNA is also responding to the activation of ancient codes within Gaia. Gaia remembers you, Beloveds. She holds everything you have experienced here, and everything planted here for safekeeping until your Ascension. Notice how this phase of Lightbody expansion feels somewhat familiar, like going home. Starseeds and adepts will remember more of their previous Mastery journeys. The ancient peaceful, wise, creative, fluid states of being.

The Nature of Timespace and Light is Changing

We adjust our lifestyles, plans, creations, even our location to accommodate the higher trajectory. Yes, new skills are steeping forth. However the focus of this Pure Source-encoded light, which is literally God returning to us, is the embodiment of our Christed Self so we may globally activate the crystalline bridges to New Earth. Honor your heart as part of these Sacred Gateways.

The New Light is like moving into a new home. You created this brand-new home to be ideal; an ideal vibrational match to your higher consciousness. Old things are not going to fit, or feel right in that space. The denser emotions, habits, addictions, thought patterns, words, activities, and creations of the past are not going to feel or look right in that new space. The desire to purge belongings, clear spaces, change everything in the physical is a representation of what’s going on internally and energetically. Apply multidimensional consciousness to everything. Expand out from the personal journey, and see the metaphoric reflections of what is happening in the cosmos.

Take a moment to dream, to feel, to create that higher timeline experience for yourself. What does your ideal internal space feel like? What aligns with it, and what needs to be shed in this Now? The clearing becomes more refined as the frequencies grow more pure.  We are still realizing instant manifestation of internal change. And the only way – just like anything else – to get better at that instant manifestation is to practice.

Global Unifications: Participate to Assist and Receive

Beloveds, let us stay focused on the Divinity of this passage of global adjustments. Participate in the SUNday Global Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm Pacific Time. Spread the word, this is our High-Vibe Tribe co-creation and they grow stronger each week. They are an excellent way to join your Brothers and siSTARs in co-creating highest outcomes for all concerned, amplifying the 5D Christed timelines, and enhancing your own experience of Ascension.

New Moon unification coming up on SUNday, April 15 at 6:59pm PT.

The Light grows so intense some moments, it feels like phasing out. Sleep, nature, creativity and simplicity are blessings during this phase. Remember your are not a victim of the light, you are a conduit of it. Encourage the flow. Support the body, Gaia and the collective in handling this ever-increasing flow.

May all of Creation be blessed, renewed and purified into Divine Beingness by this Divine Light. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,

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