Blessings as we prepare for the Gateway

The energy amplifications of the 9/9 had many an awakened one plunging back into the depths of density for a few days. I myself had a very bizarre week colored by euphoric moments of bliss, last looks at old constructs of my identity, brief encounters with absolute zero point, massive downloads of light intel packets, friends popping up everywhere in need of guidance, and the nagging financial challenge of expanding my services.

At a recent dinner with friends the conversation turned into a test of my claircognizance/clairaudience; a psychic game of ask me anything. For the record, this can be fun for me – I’m not always aware of information until a question is asked. As they inquired about the multiverse, creation, galactic drama, energetics of kharma, the Shift, etc., my 3D/4D self was answering with clarity, however my Higher Self was considering the big Surrender to Mastery question right there at the dinner table. This occurs a lot with me: I look out with my physical eyes and experience walking between worlds in the moment; the existence of many expressions in one fully aware consciousness. This is simultaneous awareness; peering into the zero point where everything exists at once. After dinner I felt sentimental for the imminent departure of my old existence, but the moment has arrived to be true to this journey in very focused way.

There is nothing we can do to slow down the effects of this amplification.

It is evolution, not judgment, which governs the Shift in Consciousness. Either you are willing to experience it or you aren’t at this point. Bizarre and wonderful things are about to happen for many of us, and the ego/mind/emotions have no chance of hijacking us as we enter the Equinox-to-Equinox gateway. Surrender means letting go of the parameters of your consciousness; any limiting beliefs on who we are or what we will be must go. Now.

Everyone will not have the same experience of course. Ascension is about daring to walk through doors which most people can’t even perceive. In order to have the brightest, wildest, most expansive experience possible, we have to pay attention to our Higher Self/Soul level. Our Higher Levels may desire certain experiences as we walk through this gateway, and it is our job to take care of the vessel through which those events will occur.

A few suggestions for preparing your expression to accept as much light intelligence as possible:

Fasting, cleansing, and high-vibe fuel for cellular transformation

Meditation: silence receives the golden light of our true vibration.

Conscious activations: Invoke, command, decree, ordain. If you don’t know how, book a session with me.

Share your gifts in a balanced way. Outflow = inflow.

Honor your journey. After all of the work you’ve done to get here, what else is more important in the next few months?

Isolate when needed, but do not hide from integration or co-creation. Fear may kick in when you sense you aren’t “feeling enough” or “getting distracted by 3D people, activities, tasks.” Whittle down the must-dos when the Higher Levels demand your attention. You may need to let go of lower vibe activities, friends, anything that feels like a mis-match for your energy. Take it moment to moment, always act from love (not restriction.)

Create the timeline your heart desires with pure intention. The energies of zero point fulfill your desires – or your subconscious fears if you haven’t cleaned out the egoic/mental/emotional closets.

– Breathe. Say thank you. Gratitude for the revelations, growing pains, cellular blasts, nighttime shakes, and all the wild things appearing in your reality. Saying thank you welcomes in more change.

Photonic light creates order; know the cosmic frequencies are reorganizing on your behalf and activating what is ready for more.

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About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.